Tourism Review Online Magazine 5 / 2011

Apr 25, 2011

Dear readers


Welcome to the May issue of the Tourism Review Online Magazine.

Turkey is a hot destination for your holiday. Discover its beauty as well as the challenges of the country’s tourism industry in the Destination supplement. For those who look for less known attractions there is the Heritage part presenting the well-hidden sights of a number of cities. Paris or Berlin – explore the unknown worlds. For the lovers of the night sky we have a star-gazing supplement – Adventure. What are the best astro tourism destinations? Visit Australia, Hawaii and Chile.

The latest trends of destination marketing are presented in the Professional part focusing mainly on the role of the social media. The Ethical supplement on the other hand discusses the multifaceted relation between tourism and peace. Does tourism contribute to peace? How?

Enjoy the magazine.


Milada Sovadinova



HERITAGE/ Surprises in the City

Denise Chen

- Apr 25, 2011

The Eiffel Tower, Berlin Wall or Helsinki’s beaches – all of these are the main tourism attractions most travelers are well aware of. If you think you have seen it all, read about some less known landmarks of Paris, Berlin, Helsinki and Birmingham and get ready for some surprises.

PROFESSIONAL/ Destination Marketing Update

Laura Maudlin

- Apr 25, 2011

Destination marketing and branding are an essential part of any promotion project set to market attractions, city, region or the whole country. Get updated on the role of social media in marketing, on a recent findings regarding city branding, and on efficient event marketing.

ADVENTURE/ Star Gazing: Watching the Night Sky

Andrew J. Wein

- Apr 25, 2011

The night sky with billions of stars shining bright is like a window into other worlds. Watch the stars from the top of a volcano or from the middle of a desert. Discover the best star gazing destinations and visit Australia, Chile or even Maui.

DESTINATION/ Turkey: The Mediterranean Pearl

Alec Hills

- Apr 25, 2011

Turkey – the land of stunning nature, dynamic history and unique culture. Every year more and more travelers discover this country and its mosques, museums as well as crystal clear water and sandy beaches.