ADVENTURE/ Star Gazing: Watching the Night Sky

The night sky with billions of stars shining bright is like a window into other worlds. Watch the stars from the top of a volcano or from the middle of a desert. Discover the best star gazing destinations and visit Australia, Chile or even Maui.


Seven Magnificent Star Gazing Destinations

Sara Thopson

Star gazing is something we do every day, almost without thinking about it, and yet it’s also one of the most transcendent experiences in the world, an activity that enables us to gaze into the reaches of space and the wonders of the universe. But even though we can view stars every night from any place on Earth, there is still nothing quite like seeing the Milky Way galaxy and some of its more than 100 billion stars through a truly clear sky. Here are seven of the world’s most magni...

Spectacular Southern Hemisphere Nights: Australia Is the Place with the View

Anna Luebke

Touring the Northern hemisphere has many advantages, so much to see and do in close proximity with stunning history and cultural diversity. However there is one thing that can’t be experienced from the north and that is the best view of our Milky Way galaxy and indeed our nearest galactic neighbours, the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds. For these you need to come south. Fortunately for us southerners the Earth leans to one side by 23.5 degrees. Apart from causing the seasons, the lean...

Star Gazing in Maui: Discover Haleakala

Denise Chen

The Haleakala National Park on Maui is one of the most attractive tourism destinations in Hawaii. More than 30,000 acres make up the park, nearly 25,000 of which are designated wilderness. Recreational opportunities abound in the park ranging from horseback tours and hiking to supernatural star-gazing from Maui’s highest summit, the volcano Haleakala. Adventurous visitors can backpack through the crater and stay at the few cabins and campsites that make this cosmic display accessible. ...

The Clearest Night Sky? In Chile

Andrea Hausold

Star gazing is becoming a popular activity of globetrotters seeking romance and beauty in remote destinations. The Atacama Desert of northern Chile is a dream destination for stargazers, with high altitude, a virtually cloudless climate (300 clear nights per year), and sparse settlements that minimize distracting light pollution and radio interference. A series of near-perfect conditions such as dry clear nights, low light pollution, and high elevations, have made Chile a favourite location ...