Slovakia’s Best Thermal Spas

William Law - Oct 31, 2011

There are more than 1300 mineral sources in Slovakia that are used like curative water and high quality mineral water for drinking. There are 21 thermal spas built on these mineral springs.

Slovakia is literally overflowing with hot springs, mineral water sources, spas and even a geyser. While in the U.S. spas are generally expensive and considered a luxury, the Central and Eastern European spa tradition stresses affordability, health and relaxation.

There are 1,160 “registered” sources of healing water in Slovakia and 22 spa resorts. Besides being relaxing, restorative places for healthy people, spas have long been used in Europe to treat medical conditions – such as respiratory, digestive, cardiovascular, immunological and other disorders, even infertility. In fact, each spa specializes in one or more of these disorders.

The main focus of the “cure” is often drinking water from the spring (and it usually tastes like medicine), but all of the spas also offer soothing soaks, massages and other restorative therapies, as well as swimming and other recreational opportunities in beautiful natural settings. Because spas are considered serious medicine in Slovakia, you can also receive affordable medical treatment from physicians during your stay at any of these resorts.

Some spas use mud or peat as a cure. You haven’t lived until you’ve had a mud bath – your skin will feel fabulous afterwards. And be prepared: in same-sex bathing facilities, you’ll find most Europeans are not embarrassed to soak or walk around in the nude.

Vadaš Thermal Štúrovo

The recreation complex Vadaš Thermal in Štúrovo is well known abroad. Thanks to its capacity of 10,000 guests, refurbished swimming pools of variable size, indoor swimming pools, rebuilt buffets and sporting facilities, it provides ideal conditions for relaxation to all fans of sun and water. There are 7 external and 2 indoor swimming pools in the swimming complex, including a massage pool, external all-year sitting pool and a unique swimming pool with artificial waves, the only one in Slovakia, a Lagoon of 3800 m.

The pools are supplied with thermal water from the depth of 130 m with a temperature of 39 °C. The history of the swimming pool starts in 1973 when the first geologic bores were done. The construction of the recreation complex started in 1976 and the first pools were opened two years later. The swimming complex was gradually equipped with buffets, bungalow accommodation and in 1983 with a hotel.

After a period of stagnation in 1999 a new era of development started when an indoor swimming pool with a 25 m long pool and a smaller pool for kids were opened. In 2002 a new sitting pool with pearl massage was built as well.

Thermal Corvinus Veľký Meder

First recreational pool in Thermal Corvinus Veľký Meder was started in 1974. Since the beginning, the spa has been supplied by two geo-thermal bores. In 2001, an indoor complex was built with a large pool, a bubble bath and a pool for kids. From 2004 the pools were gradually reconstructed.

Among the services on offer are – TARZANIA Veľký Meder – the longest rope park in Slovakia (650 m), Sauna Centre – 4 types of saunas: infrared, steam, herbal and Finnish saunas with Jacuzzi, Massage – classic massage, reflexology massage, aromatherapy massage, relaxation massage, sport massage, Salt Cave – this salt cave is a room built from natural blocks of salt from Pakistani and Polish salt mines, Dead and Adriatic Sea, CERAGEM – thermal acupressure massage bed developed in South Korea; it helps to refine bloodstream, restores defects and reduces inflammation in the organism…

Spa of Piešťany

Worldwide known Spa Piešťany is located in western Slovakia, only 86 km from the capital Bratislava in the northern part of the region Dolné Považie. Beautiful spa island with its luxurious park has a rich cultural and social life and numerous relaxing possibilities.

Spa Piešťany offers capacity of 2000 beds and every year there are more than 40,000 patients treated. Patients come to get their treatment from all over the world – 60% of the guests are foreigners. Most of them are from Czech Republic, Germany, Austria and Arab countries.

The spa became the largest and most famous spa in Slovakia thanks to the healing geothermal water and sulphuric mud. Hot mineral springs reach the temperature of 67-69 °C and contain 1,500 mg of mineral substances per liter. In combination with mud it gave the perfect conditions for development of the spa and its therapeutic facilities.

The spa specializes in chronic rheumatic treatment and in arthritic diseases, post-accident lesions of joints and bones. It is also very successful in therapy of locomotion apparatus. The spa has various rehabilitation methods and techniques, mud procedures, water-treatment procedures, electric treatment, remedial gymnastics, massages.

The Social Center of the spa, located in the northern part of the island, offers many cultural and artistic programs such as theatre festivals or gallery exhibitions. Excursions to the local architectural and historical monuments are organized regularly. Sometimes there are international congresses and conferences held. And, of course, the center gives opportunities for many sport activities like: volleyball, handball, tennis, golf, swimming pools, cycling tracks along the Váh River, possibility of nautical sports and fishing.

Spa of Trenčianske Teplice

A piece of Orient in western Slovakia – that is spa of Trenčianske Teplice. The spa, that is also called the Pearl of Carpathians, lies in wonderful Strážovské Mountains only 14 km from Trenčín. Mineral springs, spas, nature, parks, beautiful landscape are only a part of the interesting offer of the Spa. Trenčianske Teplice is one of the most visited and the oldest spas in Slovakia – the first written record is from 1397.

There are several spa houses in the premises, some of them were built in more classical style, some are modern, but all of them offer great services. Probably the most interesting is the architecture of the bath Hammam situated in spa building Sima that is decorated in oriental style of Turkish bath from 19th century. It is an original copy of a summer residence in the Moorish style that was originally prepared for Egyptian governor.

Springs of mineral water with temperature of 37-40 °C and with chemical composition of sulphur-calcium-magnesium-thermal-hypotonic mineral waters make the spa the ideal place for treatment of the following diseases: mobility rheumatic diseases, apparatus defects, arthritis, sclerosis multiplex, organic nervous diseases. Other therapy methods include hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, acupuncture, sauna, massages and others.

Spa of Trenčianske Teplice is an important cultural centre, too. Every year an international Art Film festival and the Summer Music Festival Pohoda is held here. Interesting trips are organized to Trenčín and its castle; and also to a small village Čičmany. Thanks to the many parks and mountains it is a small paradise for the ones loving walks. The English park with a little swan lake located in the area of the spa is very romantic.

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