SPAS/ Thermal Spas in Central Europe

Immerse yourself in thermal spring and enjoy the soothing sounds of bubbling waves. Discover the relaxing power of the thermal spas in Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Austria.


Hungary: Hundreds of Thermal Springs

William Law

“Push a birch rod firmly into the soil anywhere in Hungary and sooner or later some sort of thermal water, mineral water or spring will eventually gush forth.” The above was said by a Hungarian chemist, Vilmos Hankó, in the 19th century. It might seem an exaggeration, but the fact is that there is thermal water under 70% of Hungary’s territory. Hungary is one of the five richest countries with thermal water in the world. There are more than 1300 thermal springs in Hungary, 200 of which have g...

Tyrol: Thermal Baths and Adventure Worlds

Alec Hills

Splashing, swimming, sitting back and relaxing – that’s what water worlds and thermal baths in Tyrol, Austria are all about. Childrens’ hearts will leap with joy when they are splashing around in the swimming pools and enjoy sliding. In the meantime adults can sit back and relax in the whirlpool, take a massage and put their feet up in the relax area. From the Bärenarena Berwang to the Aigner Badl spa and the well-known Aqua Dome: whatever you wish for, the spas in Tyro...

Jáchymov Storms: World’s First Radon Spa

Dan Rang

Who would not know the fragrance of fresh air after a storm had died down? The rain washes away everything old and dirty and all the surroundings are filled with energy of something fresh and new. Such purification is usually more intense in the mountains than in towns or valleys. The true mountain storm can perplex everyone! During long years of its existence, the city of Jachymov in Czech Republic experienced several storms. Some were devastating, destructive and full of dramatic flashes; t...

Top Thermal Spas in Slovakia

William Law

There are more than 1300 mineral sources in Slovakia that are used like curative water and high quality mineral water for drinking. There are 21 thermal spas built on these mineral springs. Slovakia is literally overflowing with hot springs, mineral water sources, spas and even a geyser. While in the U.S. spas are generally expensive and considered a luxury, the Central and Eastern European spa tradition stresses affordability, health and relaxation. There are 1,160 “registered” ...