Spanair Offered Holiday Surprise on Christmas Eve

Andrew J. Wein - Mar 28, 2011
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The Offer

Spanish airline Spanair surprised nearly 200 passengers on one of its flights from Barcelona to the Canary Islands as part of its “Unexpected Luggage” campaign, developed by Shackleton. While waiting for their luggage at close to midnight on Christmas Eve, all 190 passengers onboard saw individually wrapped gifts come out of the luggage carousel.

The campaign has become a hit in Internet and social media. In 48 hours, the video that shows the Christmas campaign has received more than 100,000 views and more than 7,000 users have shared it in Facebook and Twitter.

The Data

Shackleton segmented passengers into one of 12 groups based on customer data from Spanair. Each group received a different gift based on age, sex and professional status.

The Channel

The group filmed the event and then placed video and images showing how the campaign took shape onto YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

The Creative

Creative is composed almost entirely of unstaged displays of surprise and delight among passengers at the time of the event, edited into video bites and images of passengers displaying their gifts.

The Verdic

Hats off to Spanair who took “surprise and delight” to a new level this past Christmas Eve. By focusing on the customer experience, they let the consumer carry forward the brand via word-of-mouth and viral buzz. With a stronger PR component, we can only imagine how far the message could have gone.

By Kevin McKeefery

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