Tourism Review Online Magazine 4 / 2011

Mar 28, 2011

Dear readers


The spring issue of the Tourism Review Online Magazine is here. Explore the ancient beauty and the vast steppes of Kazakhstan. The Destination supplement presents not only the landmarks of this central Asian country but also the challenges of its tourism industry. Discover the same region from a different perspective. The Professional part invites you to follow the Great Silk Road and visit several countries that joined the project. While exploring the silk route you might meet numerous pilgrims. Pilgrimage travel is a growing force in the tourism industry. Learn more in the Ethical supplement.

For marketing trends enthusiasts there is the Transport part presenting several cases of innovative marketing campaigns of airlines. Today’s passengers may book their flight through Facebook, get ready for wireless in-flight entertainment and get a personalized gift now and then. If you are looking for a perfect destination of your family holiday let us inspire you. The Heritage supplement discusses kids-friendly hotels.



Milada Sovadinova




HERITAGE/ Hotels for the Little Ones

Ashley Nault

- Mar 28, 2011

Not many hotels around the world regard families and children as their VIP guests. However some hoteliers know that the little guests will become big one day and they will come back. Welcome to the kids-friendly hotels.

PROFESSIONAL/ Traveling the Silk Road

Denise Chen

- Mar 28, 2011

Ancient towns, splendid architecture, friendly people, delicious cuisine, exotic atmosphere …all this is the Great Silk Road.  Discover Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Azerbaijan and many more countries following the famous trade route.

TRANSPORT/ Top Innovative Airlines

Tomas Haupt

- Mar 28, 2011

Airlines are one of the most innovative companies with respect to marketing and promotion. Today, some airlines give presents to their passengers, enable them to book the flight through Facebook or offer wireless in-flight entertainment.

DESTINATION/ Kazakhstan: Ancient and Poetic

Tourism Review News Desk

- Mar 28, 2011

Kazakhstan is a country of vast steppes, ancient culture, as well as the first world’s cosmodrome – Baikonur. The country’s tourism industry has great potential; however, considerable development is necessary.