PROFESSIONAL/ Traveling the Silk Road

Ancient towns, splendid architecture, friendly people, delicious cuisine, exotic atmosphere …all this is the Great Silk Road.  Discover Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Azerbaijan and many more countries following the famous trade route.


The Revival of the Great Silk Road

Pat Hyland

The Great Silk Road is rightly considered to be one of the remarkable achievements of the ancient civilizations. For the first time in the history of mankind it has connected different countries and nations from the Mediterranean to the Pacific Ocean, has combined their material, art and spiritual cultures. For many centuries on this route people were interchanging handicrafts, technologies, ideas and beliefs. The historians date back the origin of the Great Silk Road at its full extension to...

UNWTO: The Silk Road Project

Kevin Eagan

The Silk Road once ran across much of the known world, from China in the East, across Asia and the Middle East, to the shores of the Mediterranean to the West. Although it was essentially a trade route, the Silk Road evolved to become a much greater phenomenon and played a fundamental role in the social, cultural, and religious development of many countries in the region through the exchange of goods, people, ideas, and religions. Over the past decade, there has been a significant revival of ...

Azerbaijan and Mongolia: Explore the Silk Road

Sara Thopson

While the glory days of the Silk Road came to an end with the expansion of European sea trade in the late 15th century, today many destinations along the old trade routes are considered as important tourism landmarks. The different destinations along the Silk Road offer a huge variety of experiences for tourists. Visitors travel the Silk Road to discover the history and ancient myths, to have active holidays among the stunning sights and beautiful natural sceneries, or to witness at first hand t...

Uzbekistan’s Ancient Cities: Travel Back in Time

William Law

Uzbekistan has well preserved the relics from the time when Central Asia was the centre of Tamerlane’s empire, which also coincided with the development of education and commerce. The cities of today’s Uzbekistan, including Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Tashkent and Shakhrisabz live in the imagination of the West as the symbols of oriental beauty and mystery. Many cities which are located in modern Uzbekistan were in ancient times on the Silk Road, on the road between the East and the West. The ...