Kids Friendly Hotels: Five Tips for Parents

Larry Brain - Mar 28, 2011
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Nothing beats a great holiday with the family. Whether it's a short break among the UK's most scenic countryside or the night before flying away on an eagerly-awaited foreign trip, a hotel that offers these key benefits is a big hit with parents and kids alike. Here's a five-point guide to a great hotel experience for modern families.

1. Wonderful grounds for safe exploration

Kids of all ages love interesting places: acres of grounds to explore; maybe features such as a labyrinth or a stone circle or two; even the possibility of spotting wildlife. The best family friendly hotels have plenty of safe, spacious grounds where children can let their imaginations run wild as they let off steam before or after a long journey.

2. Interconnected rooms – comforting for children with privacy for adults

The latest family friendly hotels ensure a wide choice of interconnected rooms. Parents and kids can have their own space. Adults and elder children get the privacy they want – while younger children feel safe with adults close at hand.

3. Refreshments available 24/7

Holidays are busy times, especially if your hotel has lots of exciting grounds to explore. Children often need a snack, while adults will appreciate the opportunity to unwind with a drink and a bite to eat. When you're planning your family friendly hotel accommodation, make sure the hotel has onsite facilities for delicious refreshments around the clock. Day or night, you'll appreciate the opportunity to enjoy a favorite treat whenever you feel hungry.

4. Child friendly staff makes all the family welcome

Remember when you were little and the staff at a hotel or restaurant made a special fuss of you? Enlightened family hotels make special efforts to accommodate the needs of children: around the hotel grounds, at mealtimes or when your kids have special needs, child friendly staff makes the difference between simple accommodation and a holiday experience that children will remember for a lifetime.

5. Internet connection for older children to use

Most modern youngsters will be keen to keep in touch with their friends even while they're on holiday. Modern family friendly hotels with wireless broadband access mean they can access their favorite social networking or entertainment websites. And of course, reliable Internet access is a boon when you need to make last minute travel arrangements, check email or plan a day out.

Choosing a suitable hotel is easy if you follow a few simple guidelines. As usual, it's the little details that make the best possible holiday experience for all the family.


By Neil Tufano

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