Ruins of Arkaim Attract History Lovers

Michael Trout - Sep 30, 2013
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Discovered in 1987 and located in the Southern Urals steppe, the ruins of Arkaim are known as Russia's Stonehenge. No one can say for certain what Arkaim was, for professional researchers continue to argue, unable to come to an agreement as to whether the ruins are the remains of an ancient city or perhaps an observatory.

No other ruins in the world draw as much curiosity from intellectuals as Arkaim, the stories and the myths that surround it. Among the legends that rise from the ruins is that it is believed that Zoroaster, the ancient prophet, committed suicide there. Some people claim that Jesus visited the Mountain of Reason, which is extremely close to the remains of Arkaim. Women believe that they can restore their youth and beauty if they wash in the waters of the Karaganka River, which is near the ruins.

Arkaim was built in a circular design and had been surrounded by a water-filled ditch. The ruins themselves were guarded by extremely tall walls that had four gates that corresponded with the four cardinal points on a compass. Each of the buildings were rounded and each one had an exit that led to the main street. The level of precision that went into its construction is absolutely astounding and the wood-paved roads concealed a complex sewer system. It is believed that Arkaim's center was similar to a city's square, where religious rituals were performed. According to ancient texts, Arkaim's shape and street plans were supposed to have been representative of the Earth.

The locations surrounding Arkaim are well-known for their religious qualities. Bold Mountain is climbed by people who wish to pray or meditate or who need healing. Repentance Mountain is climbed by people who are in need of forgiveness and Love Mountain is climbed by those who need luck. The Male Forest is a popular place for women with relationship problems to visit, as it is believed that women who walk through the forest will become more popular and attractive with men. However, the Blessed Mountain is a bit infamous, for the trunks of the trees there grow strangely crooked and people say that no one can stay there for too long, without going insane.

As "Ar-ka" can be translated to "Sky" and "Im" means "Earth," the name Arkaim can be translated to "Sky touches the Earth." Dating back to the Bronze Age and having been heavily fortified, Arkaim is a mystery that interests many people from all over the world.

It is an extremely popular destination due to its sheer age and because of the legends that surround it. Though much of Arkaim sustained a fire long ago, people still make religious pilgrimages to the ruins. Anyone interested in seeing a piece of ancient history and the mysteries surrounding it will love to visit the ruins of Arkaim. There is absolutely nothing else like these ruins anywhere in the world, especially when one takes the ruins' spiritual symbolism into consideration. Many people believe Arkaim to be a symbol for the future principle of world peace. Many people believe Arkaim is a sacred place. In any case it is a fascinating place to visit.


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