Alec Hills - Nov 16, 2009

Despite media claims that the youth of today is beginning to lean towards the less traditional ways of spending free time, the most historical of Britain’s sights are still the most popular among kids. It seems that perhaps British conservatism and respect for history are winning against the revolution of electronic devices.



It is true that, whereas children used to go on trips with their parents to national sights, they now very much prefer to spend time chatting on the Internet and playing around with their Ipod. However, a recent report about tourism for children has revealed that the most popular destinations in Britain are still the classic historical ones and the modern feats of technology came out second best.


In a survey conducted by a budget hotel chain Travelodge asking children about their best loved national landmark, Stonehenge came out in 1st position. The 5,000-year-old monument will probably never cease to be so popular as long as we do not discover how it appeared and who was responsible for it. Out of the 2,500 children involved in the survey, between the ages of 8 and 15, most pointed to Stonehenge as their number one. Hadrian’s Wall came in with the silver medal and is also a very historical place.


The modern interventions started in third place, with the London Eye, though this trend is quickly surpassed by the appearance of the Edinburgh Castle in fourth. Built in the mid 1700’s, this is perhaps Scotland’s most treasured historical place. The cliffs of Dover were the only natural representatives of the top ten, in seventh place and the only sculptural representative was Antony Gormley’s Angel of the North in eighth place. It seems that, in this survey, the key is “the older the better”. Mega consumerism seems to have affected the way young people spend their time and not where they spend it.

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  1. Good to hear such news. I guess the kids are really listening at school.:)


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