HERITAGE/ Replicas of Renowned Monuments

Stonehenge, Florence, Eiffel Tower or even the Great Wall of China – they all are stunning and phenomenal. They all inspired people to create something similar, something unique. Visit their replicas and enjoy the remarkable atmosphere.


The Great Wall of China All Around the World

Andrew J. Wein

The Great Wall of China is a marvel and it is a sight that everyone has to experience at least once. Of course, if you can't manage to get there, you don't have to settle for National Geographic. There are several amazing replicas around the world, which are quite fascinating. Cebu Taoist Temple, Philippines The main feature here is the temple, of course, which is a facility for those who want to worship as well as those who are just stopping by. Tradition is thoroughly entangled in the atm...

Eiffel Tower – The Iron Lady and Her Sisters

Theodore Slate

The Eiffel Tower, one of the world's most iconic images, has been an inspiration that led to the creation of more than thirty similar towers and duplicates in the world. For instance, in Blackpool, England the creation of the Blackpool Tower was a result of inspiration from the Eiffel Tower. John Bickerstaffe, the mayor of the town commissioned its construction in 1889 after visiting the Great Paris Exhibition. It was completed in 1894 and has since been a popular tourist attraction in England. ...

Florentia Village: The Chinese Version of Florence

Theodore Slate

Step back Florence, you might just have a little bit of competition now! Florentia Village offers the most authentic Italian shopping experience without having to visit Italy. The outlet village is located in Wuqing, China which is located right between Tianjin and Beijing. The village offers irresistible prices on many popular brands around the world, especially luxurious Italian goods. The entire village is a fourteen acre complex that displays a wide array of walkways and piazzas and even ...

Historical Stonehenge in a New Coat

Dan Rang

The prehistoric Stonehenge monument which attracts flocks of tourists each year to the UK has led to many efforts to recreate it. This has been done using a variety of materials and the replicas are scattered all over the world. While some of the replicas have been carefully constructed as astronomically aligned models others can only be termed as true examples of artistic expressions and tourist attraction. The following are some of the major replicas of the famous Stonehenge. Maryhill Stone...