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Theodore Slate - Sep 03, 2012
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Step back Florence, you might just have a little bit of competition now! Florentia Village offers the most authentic Italian shopping experience without having to visit Italy. The outlet village is located in Wuqing, China which is located right between Tianjin and Beijing.

The village offers irresistible prices on many popular brands around the world, especially luxurious Italian goods. The entire village is a fourteen acre complex that displays a wide array of walkways and piazzas and even a Grand Canal and faux Coliseum whose arches open up into entrances to more stores. The Grand Canal runs through the center of all the store-filled walkways much like you'd see in Venice.

Florentia Village opened in June 2011 and was designed by Hydea. What used to be corn fields has now been turned into a cousin of the famous Florence. Hydea is an Italian architectural and engineering firm that specializes in the authentic European feel. Since many middle and upper class Chinese people are striving for the genuine brands that can only be found in Europe, they decided that a little taste of Italy should be brought to them instead. The breathtaking buildings found in Florence are flawlessly transferred over into the Asian culture. While you won't see the true historical value of the shopping centers in Florentia Village, you still get the sense of strolling down the popular fashion streets in Florence.

For tourists in the Beijing area looking for a taste of Italy without having to stray too far from their hotel, Florentia Village is your destination. If you love shopping which most women travelers can't get enough of, you'll be able to indulge in not only the Chinese culture but you'll be able to get a quick glimpse at Italy as well. From the shopping experience to the cuisine and events you'll be guaranteed an exceptional adventure!

There are many restaurants that you're able to choose from whether you like Italian or would rather opt for fast food.

The popularity of Florentia Village is phenomenal. You'll see people from all across the globe but mostly the Chinese who enjoy their shopping especially when it's offered at a discount. It saves many of the richer Chinese from flying out to their favorite Italian cities just to get the Italian brands that they love so much. Florence is known as the birthplace of many fashion companies. Gucci, Roberto Cavalli, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Emilio Pucci are a few of the boutiques that started in Florence. Many other popular brands including Prada and Chanel can be found there lining the well-known street of Via de Tornabuoni.

While no one can truly compete with the real deal no matter what replica you're trying to create, Florentia Village serves its purpose well and that's to provide the Chinese with all their favorite fashion brands. If you're looking for a genuine Italian vacation without the shopping trips then paying a visit to Florence is your best option.

However, other than buying clothes that can be found in Italy, Florentia Village doesn't have much more to offer. Florence has many attractions such as tours throughout the city and gallery visits that'll keep you occupied as well as purchasing a few items from their authentic home. Florence is beautiful and rich in history unlike Florentia Village that was recently constructed.

For people who have seen Florence in person, it would be fun to compare the Italian city to Florentia Village though. Experience something new!

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