HERITAGE/ Train Stations – Fascinating Gems

Many train stations around the world offer much more than just a mundane waiting room. In fact, numerous stations are fine examples of architectural gems and manage to attract crowds of tourists admiring their remarkable features and design.



Train Stations with Remarkable Design

Bill Alen

For most travelers railway stations are simply the place to get on the train or quickly find another connection and continue travels as planned. In cases of delays however, people are forced to spend some time at the station waiting and waiting. In such a situation it is quite pleasant when the building the travelers need to stay at offers more than a few shops and vending machines. Explore some of the most interesting railway stations around the world. Atocha Station (Madrid, Spain) At firs...

Australia: Exploring the History at Local Railway Stations

Richard Moor

A popular tourist destination around the world, Australia boasts of countless attractions and sites including beautiful beaches, historical museums, amusement parks and zoos. There are also several 19th and 20th century railway stations that have stood over decades and today serve as important tourist attraction sites. Normanton, Queensland Constructed between 1888 and 1889, Normanton railway station was designed in an unusual yet unique manner, with the builders using hollow steel sleepers fi...

Nagoya Station - More Than a Conventional Railway Station

Larry Brain

Throughout the years, Japan has made itself a famous place worth visiting by travelers. And of all the different cities it conglomerates, Nagoya happens to be among the top picks by both locals and tourists alike. There are many reasons why and for one, the city happens to be the capital of Japan in terms of fast, easy, and advanced transportation through its main railway facility, the Nagoya Station. Inception and Conception Nagoya Station's provenance dates a long way back to May 1, 1886, ...

Grand Central Terminal: Station Breathing with History

Nils Kraus

The Grand Central Terminal in New York City is a famous railway station as well as tourist attraction, opened in 1870. In terms of the number of platforms, it is ranked as the largest rail facility in the world which also covers huge area – approximately 48 acres. The station features two levels that are both situated below the ground. The upper level has 41 tracks while the lower one has 26. To date, the Grand Central Terminal serves as the main link between the Metro North railroad and coun...