Best Train Stations around the World

Bill Alen - Dec 30, 2013
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For most travelers railway stations are simply the place to get on the train or quickly find another connection and continue travels as planned. In cases of delays however, people are forced to spend some time at the station waiting and waiting. In such a situation it is quite pleasant when the building the travelers need to stay at offers more than a few shops and vending machines. Explore some of the most interesting railway stations around the world.

Atocha Station (Madrid, Spain)

At first glance, you will come to question if you're in a train station or in a little jungle. Passengers that arrive at Atocha Station in Madrid may find themselves surprised with the station's domed atrium put up with palm trees and exotic plants. And for those who are to kill some time within the perimeters, nothing beats the calming sips of coffee that can only be found in a cafe that overlooks 4,000 square meters of purely tropical garden.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (Mumbai, India)

Mumbai's main train station is one of the most popular UNESCO World Heritage sites around the world. Formerly known as Victoria Terminus, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus exudes with a quaintly beautiful stone dome with arches and turrets that would unquestionably put Victoria Station of London in a belittled situation. Delays are not a problem in this station for its glimmers with the finest queer wood carvings, ornamental railings and tiles that would make you think you are somewhere out of the ordinary world. Perhaps the spirit of the early 19th century with a Gothic ambiance will rein your feelings supreme.

Union Station (Chicago, USA)

Union Station of Chicago that comprises the American Renaissance building given life by the Great Hall has turned it into a major event venue. Many travelers spend more time at the station just so they can wander across the greatly columned hall that comes with vaulted skylight, brass lamps, and quaint marble floors. Being inside the area will evoke a strong feeling of how the past was in Chicago.

Pickering Station (Yorkshire, UK)

Having been restored to the 1937 glory it once had, the North Yorkshire Moors station holds captive the absolute charm of an Old English railway station exemplar. For the vintage feel and the old times steam, get a peek into the Office of Booking and Parcels where the original and immutable features are. There's a bunch load offered both for the interest of men and women – beauty salons, bars, authentic tea places and much more. And if you're lucky enough to be there around October, you can blend into the crowd by wearing English outfit of the 1940's for the annual celebration of the "war weekend."

Ushuaia Station (Tierra del Fuego, Argentina)

It is known as the station at the end of the world with its location being in a valley within the perimeters of Tierra del Fuego National Park just by the Pipo River's bank. It also served as the transport medium for prisoners to labor camps at the beginning of the 20th century. And that is how the Little Prisoner's Train came to be for the entertainment of locals and foreigners on tour.

Choum Station (Mauritania)

This train station is famous for its service in carrying loads of iron ore block all the way to Nouadhibou stemming from the northern central area of Zouerat. The station is only a collection of shacks that sell fine grade tea and special dried foods. While the amenities tend to be fairly basic, the locals are always willing to keep every traveler good company through games and other fun activities.

Tanggula Mountain Railway Station (Tibet)

This railway station is the highest in the world since it is located 5,058 meters above the sea level. The railway offers transports between China and Tibet in carriages that contain systems of oxygen supply. While inside the train, it is really hard not to notice the spectacular views of the glacier through the windows making your trip worth every while.

Broken Hill (Australia)

With its origin dating back to 1888, Broken Hill Station used to serve for the miners of the town. Today, the picturesque surrounding areas make the station the main attraction for steam trains and two murals of old trains that burst through the old yet inexplicably beautiful station walls. At other times, the realness of the murals could evoke quite a dismal feeling that may truly leave a mark in your heart.

Haydarpasa (Istanbul, Turkey)

This Eastern Station of Istanbul is built on 1,100 fine wood beams hammered right into the deep sea bed with three sides of the station surrounded by water. It was created for Sultan Abdulhamid II as ordered by German Kaiser Wilhelm II back in 1908. It depicts a veritable castle structure with stunning interiors. With the high waters and the castle-like station, the experience will be like no other – a wonderful opportunity that you would unhesitatingly want to seize.

Divisadero Barrancas (Mexico)

This station is probably the best around the globe that boasts nothing but the finest of views. Divisadero Barrancas happens to be a famous stop for the Copper Canyon Train of Mexico. It takes the tourists across on of the deepest canyons. It's all the fun and never with the nitpicks. You could simply munch on tortillas and sandwiches and have nothing but the most beautiful experience of a lifetime.

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