Nagoya Station - Railway Station with High-Tech Features

Larry Brain - Dec 30, 2013
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Throughout the years, Japan has made itself a famous place worth visiting by travelers. And of all the different cities it conglomerates, Nagoya happens to be among the top picks by both locals and tourists alike. There are many reasons why and for one, the city happens to be the capital of Japan in terms of fast, easy, and advanced transportation through its main railway facility, the Nagoya Station.

Inception and Conception

Nagoya Station's provenance dates a long way back to May 1, 1886, which makes it more than a century old. The main idea behind its construction was to link Nagoya and Tokyo. Later on, more cities became accessible on the route. Today, it has become the main station for everyone arriving granted it is the point of which the bullet train comes to a halt.


Recent developments can be observed from the surface and the station is now better known as the JR Nagoya Station granted it houses the Central Japan Railway Company. With its two towering office buildings, it has become a landmark rather than a sheer entity for transport services. There are also concourses inside and outside the two buildings, which have become a hub for people to gather. In addition, taxi cabs are granted access past the fences in order to conveniently transport people to the mini business entrenched and to fetch those who just arrived to the station.


Wide Landscape

The Nagoya Station proves itself to be more than the conventional railway station. With its 410,000 square meter floor area, it has been warranted the title of "One of the World's Largest Train Stations". It is so large that it has formed communities of eclectic business centers as well as shopping centers. The Marriott Associa Hotel can also be found on the 15th floor of one of the buildings, made for the sheer purpose of providing convenient travel experiences to out of town locals, foreigners and backpackers. If you are amazed to know that the total floor count runs exactly 50, there is actually a helipad top connecting the brims of each tower to one another.

Friendly Customer Service

Since many travelers come from distant lands, the JR Nagoya Station provides the best possible multilingual staff that can cordially attend to the needs of clients and passengers who are in need of help but cannot really verse even the faintest of Japanese words. And through the interim when the next attendant is still coming forth, the available staff will suggest to you different areas you can enjoy like the station's library and internet services

The Nagoya Station continues to develop to better serve people around the locale, from out of town and from out of the country. Nevertheless, its current features are surely satiating to the needs of every traveler.

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