Russian Capital Hides Remarkable Travel Attractions

Richard Moor - Sep 30, 2013
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Moscow represents an excellent destination for people who want to diversify their experience and enrich their knowledge regarding the Russian culture. Apart from being the official capital city of Russia, Moscow can provide the visitors a unique and memorable experience, as this location has a great travel potential.

There are numerous interesting places to visit and engaging activities to do, so visiting Moscow is a wise choice for everyone who intends to relieve stress, have fun and learn the most fascinating things about the one of the most important nations not only during the World War II.

However, some of the attractions in the city are not very well known to the visitors although they are still very significant. They offer novel sights and captivating information, along with appropriate knowledge regarding Russia and its culture.

Tsaritsyno Palace is one of the most beautiful places to see in Moscow. Tsaritsyno is the main home of the Tsaritsyno Museum that includes the Tsaritsyno park as well, so people can obtain a very diversified experience while enjoying the numerous sights of this location. The park surrounds the entire palace and there is a very high number of arbors, decorative bridges, pavilions, pergolas and a very famous Russian Orthodox temple named “Source of the Life”.

The palace was rebuilt during the past few years and it includes interiors, rooftops, decorations and many others, which can surely improve people's traveling experience and make them have fun.

The Tsaritsyno Palace is usually very quiet, as there are not many people who visit it and therefore it constitutes a very suited choice for the visitors who want to relax for a while and relieve the stress. This place is one of the oldest ones in the entire Russia and people can easily enjoy its historical appearance, which presents a part of the history of this country.

Additionally, the Tsaritsyno Palace includes many art buildings which offer travelers the excellent opportunity to watch artistic performances and concerts that will definitely make them feel well during their trip to this magnificent city.

The Perlov Tea House is the most appropriate place for people who are seeking a relaxing atmosphere and tasteful tea as well. This building is the most representative landmark for Moscow, as it is extremely old. One of the most surprising details regarding the Perlov Tea House is its Chinese design, which is completely from the Russian culture or architecture. The visitors can easily observe pagodas and dragons, which are specific to the Chinese culture, so their overall traveling experience can become even more pleasant.

This building provides the visitors excellent tea and an impeccable service, along with a calm attire and friendly staff members. There are numerous other facilities included for people who want to spend a few nights in Moscow, as the Perlov Tea House offers family-one room, kitchen, toilets and a tea shop of course, which can definitely make people feel extraordinary during their trip.

The English House or the Old English Court is also very interesting, yet not extremely popular travel location in Moscow, which has a very significant historical importance for the Russian culture. The English House constitutes one of the most fascinating early stone civilian residences in Moscow, as it was the main home of different merchants working for Ivan the Terrible. After the latest restoration in 1950's, the English House was transformed in one of the main branches of the Museum of History of Moscow.

Along with a new and novel interior design, which is quite representative for the time when this building was built, the English House provides people the great possibility to see numerous exhibitions, including the Medieval Russia from the Eyes of a Foreigner. The Museum is popular because of the variety of exhibits it offers to the visitors, which can enjoy a fascinating experience and learn important aspects regarding the Russian history and culture.

The English House represents a good choice for people who want to spend a few hours in the pleasant privacy of this museum and enjoy its finest decorations, so they should never miss the opportunity to improve their experience.

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