Larry Brain - Jun 15, 2015
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A recent study by finds that four cities in the Crimean Peninsula have made it to the top 10 list of most popular and affordable summer resort destinations in Russia for families with children. The results were compiled on the basis of the hotel reservations made through the website for the period June through August.  

The Crimean cities that have been included in the top 10 list are Yalta, Sudak, Feodosia and Yevpatoriya. Four other cities located on the coasts of the Sea of Azov and Black Sea that have also made it to the list are Sochi, Gelendzik, Yeysk and Anapa. Kislovodsk, a Russian city that is renowned for its sanatoriums, and Zelenogradsk, a resort destination on the Baltic Sea, are the remaining two cities in the top 10 list.

Yakov Sadchikov, director of communications at, commented that the resorts Sochi, Yalta and Anapa are the most popular among Russian families, while the most affordable ones are Yeisk, Yevpatoria and Sudak. He added that vacationers who come to these resorts in Russia with children stay for about 9 to 12 days, spending about $55 or 3,000 rubles per day. This is 60 percent less than what they would have to shell out at other foreign resort destinations.

The cheapest resorts for summer are in Crimea, according to the study. On average, families have to spend only about $45 or 2,500 rubles per day. Per day expenses work out to just $28 or 1,500 rubles in Sudak in eastern Crimea.

As far as international vacation destinations are concerned, the top 10 preferences for Russians include Crete and Chalkidiki in Greece, Larnaka in Cyprus, Belek in Turkey, and Salou in Spain. Destinations in Bulgaria, Belarus and Egypt also appear in the top 10 list.

Sanctions, decline in ruble’s purchasing power and patriotism wave have all contributed to a sudden spurt in domestic tourism in the last two years. According to Rostourism, federal tourism agency in Russia, approximately 50 million Russians are likely to enjoy the summer vacation traveling to destinations within the country. Furthermore, the agency noted that internal tourism has made up for the 30 percent short fall in foreign tourism this year till date.

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