Michael Trout - Oct 28, 2013
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Tourism business has boomed in Moscow, in fact the number of tourists who visit the Russian capital has increased. It only shows that Moscow has proved to be a more tourist-friendly city.

One of the reasons is due to the major events which are held in here for example the Superbike race, the Athletic Worlds and many more. In order to expand the number of vacationers, the Moscow authorities initiated a huge campaign to promote the city which put more emphasis on international visitors.

The major thing is the double decker bus which is popular in major cities around Europe such as Amsterdam, Milan, Berlin and others. As of the moment, it can transport tourists to several urban areas in Russia such as St. Petersburg, Moscow and Kazan as well. It is very convenient since it has a sound control which has four dialects that include German, Spanish, English and Russian. The tourists can get to visit all the must see places in just an hour.

According to Sergei Shpilko, chairman of the Moscow Tourism Committee, during the last few years, Moscow has actually changed tremendously. Now, it is already a multilingual and multicultural city without any hindrances of the past. The campaign for Moscow tourism will be done by Bold Creative, a Dublin based company. According to Mark Quinn, CEO of Bold Creative, the campaign will ultimately target all sorts of people on the social media. The visual portion will focus more on Moscow being an amicable as well as a cutting edge city.

The bus is just a part of the campaign in attracting more visitors to the city. Later on, they will be redesigning the major sights of the city. At the same time, they will also be implementing information points in English language all over the city. In the future, there will be maps as well as iphone applications which can direct you to the best tracks of the city.

The best way to explore Moscow is to travel using the Moscow metro system. Travelers are usually amazed by the subway which is filled with mosaics, bronze and marble as well as signs and maps. Here are some of the best spots in Moscow which you can explore on foot:

· Park Kultury Metro - is the best place to start since it is the passageway to the city.

· Moscow's Central Gorky Park - this is the place for various sports exercises with open air seats and many more.

· State Tretyakov Gallery – in this gallery you can discover the famous works of Vassily Kandinsky and other well known artists.

· Muzeon Park – is where the sculptures and monuments of the Soviet-period can be seen.

· The Island of Strelka - has the best collection of design, media and architecture. You can also enjoy their rooftop bars and nightclubs with an amazing view.

· Lumiere Brothers- if your hobby is photography then you should not miss this photo gallery.

· Red Square – there’s plenty of options for you out here.

· GUM department store – Feeling hungry already? Then why not taste some of the best Russian cuisine here.

· Arbat - is the best place for Russian souvenirs.

· Foreign Ministry Building – you will be amazed by its style of architecture inspired by the Stalin Empire.

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