MANAGEMENT: Destination Marketing

In this section, we observe new tendencies in destination-marketing. There is an opinion that the way destinations market themselves could become irrelevant, particularly in the face of new websites such as the social networking portals where consumers “tell the truth” about places and experiences. How can tourist boards adapt to the changing landscape? We analyze a case study of a convention bureau, which managed to successfully promote the destination via their web-site. Practical decisions on what to translate, how to refresh the content, how many clicks away from a surfer the information shall be placed – are disclosed. As we all know, hotel and vacation destination-marketers compete not only with each other, but also with online-booking giants. We show here how the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino's Internet Marketing created a sophisticated and successful policy designed to keep customers within their own booking “reach”. As destinations become more sophisticated in their marketing practices, existing theories of marketing strategy can become very useful. How the sports portfolio can contribute to destination marketing is also discussed in this section.


Destination Marketers under Threat

Denise Chen

Destination marketing organizations (DMOs) or tourism boards have no God-given right to exist and could be rendered obsolete by a slew of factors that are changing the way consumers seek information on destinations and buy their travel. Roger Carter, managing director of TEAM Tourism Consulting, speaking at Wired Travel Asia, said DMOs and tourism boards had to change or perish ...

Virginia Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau – case study

Nils Kraus

When you're a tourist destination advertising via everything from broadcast to print, how do you decide how much budget to give online? “We have a dartboard at the back of my office …” jokes Ron Kuhlman, Director Tourism Marketing & Sales Virginia Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau. "No, we time it out. We have a pretty good idea of how many talent hours a Web project needs, and from there we back into the numbers. It's not like we set out to say Web is 5% of the budget. We don't have a budget ...

Destination Image and Positioning: The role of sport

Chris Grad

Sports are playing an increasingly important role in destination marketing: countries, regions, and even cities use sports to differentiate themselves, to position themselves, and to target specific groups of customers. As places for tourists to play their favourite sports or engage in their favourite recreational activities, destinations claim to be "golf meccas" or "sailing and yachting capitals" to give just two examples. In addition, sports contribute, particularly with events, to promote, ...

Travel Marketing Online: How the Hard Rock Hotel Vegas Uses Web Cams to Increase Bookings

Nils Kraus

"Online we're essentially competing with ourselves, because we sell hotel rooms directly and also through wholesalers like Expedia," notes Hard Rock Hotel & Casino's Internet Marketing Manager Bethany Swain. Rooms sold through wholesalers are less profitable because the middleman gets a cut, so Swain's main goal is to get as many consumers as possible to book direct ...