DESTINATION/ Macedonia – The Heart of Balkan

The Republic of Macedonia is rich in heritage and natural beauty. Despite that, the country is not flooded with tourists making it a perfect spot for relaxing holidays. Discover the attractions of this landlocked country, local cuisine and UNESCO sites.


Lake Ohrid: A Macedonian Treasure for Cultural History and Nature Lovers destination

Lake Ohrid: A Macedonian Treasure for Cultural History and Nature Lovers

Chris Grad

I had my first glimpse of Lake Ohrid while descending steep mountain roads after crossing the Albanian border into southwest Macedonia. I had my first taste of Lake Ohrid with a grilled Brown Trout for lunch, a delicacy found only in this lake and its river tributaries. With a flavour between a trout and an Atlantic salmon, this simply-presented entree was a delicious introduction to Macedonian cuisine and the many unique natural and cultural treasures of Lake Ohrid. Ringed by snow-capped peaks...
Macedonia Shapes up Its Tourism Future destination

Macedonia Shapes up Its Tourism Future

Chris Grad

Despite its rich history and cultural heritage, Macedonia bottoms the list of countries in the region, with tourism incomes amounting to 3% share of the total GDP in 2012. The Government of Macedonia implements a number of projects and promotional campaigns in a bid to define country’s tourism niche. The 2012 tourist arrivals growth has been higher compared to the European averages. Note: *current prices Source: Euromonitor International Skopje 2014 Project Drives Tourist Arrivals up In 2012...
Republic of Macedonia - A Hub of Natural Beauty destination

Republic of Macedonia - A Hub of Natural Beauty

Ashley Nault

Macedonia is a perfect blend of cultural and natural beauty. The place attracts numerous tourists every year and is often as denoted with various annotations like the Pearl of Balkans and the Land of Lakes. To top the beauty of the place temperately Mediterranean and moderately continental climate of north and south regions make Macedonia an even more favorable tourist hub. Skopje, the capital and the administrative center of Macedonia, is one of the most popular destinations for visitors. Ot...
Krusevo – Travel Back in History destination

Krusevo – Travel Back in History

Bill Alen

A small town in Western Macedonia, Krusevo can give you the feeling of going back in time. The town is filled with rich traditional architecture, historical centers and cultural sites. The town layout has remained unchanged for about a hundred years and the city manages to preserve its rich traditional architecture, even in the time of rapid global modernization. Apart from its history and culture the town also has the power to please nature lovers. Krusevo is tucked high up in the mountains ...