Macedonia: Natural Beauty and Rich Heritage

Ashley Nault - Dec 30, 2013
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Macedonia is a perfect blend of cultural and natural beauty. The place attracts numerous tourists every year and is often as denoted with various annotations like the Pearl of Balkans and the Land of Lakes. To top the beauty of the place temperately Mediterranean and moderately continental climate of north and south regions make Macedonia an even more favorable tourist hub.

Skopje, the capital and the administrative center of Macedonia, is one of the most popular destinations for visitors. Other small towns like Bitola, Prilep, Kumanovo, Tetovo and Ohrid are also on the travel itinerary of many holidaymakers.

For natural lovers, there is an expanded range of mountains contributing to an eye capturing view and indulgence of national parks. The mountainous region of Macedonia is beautified with plenty of plants and animal species. Some of the national parks are Pelister, Galicica and Mavrovo.

Macedonia has its natural beauty in almost all forms present on the earth; this is shown in about 50 lakes that attract locals as well as foreigners with a number of activities available. Various lakes like Ohrid, Prespa and Dorjan are the result of glacial, tectonic and human efforts. Apart from this, Black Drim River also offers remarkable environment for tourists who love camping or sun bathing on beaches.

Among local towns that are popular among holidaymakers is Ohrid, which is under the protection of UNESCO and town of Struga that has large architectural bounty. Apart from these the plenty of architectural, artistic views, churches, monuments and historic buildings are sure to teach a lot about Macedonia and its heritage.

Another most attractive part of the country is likely to make you forget everything. Yes, any tourist cannot deny of this privilege that the place provides. This includes a relaxing atmosphere that can be found in Macedonian spas including around 60 thermal springs, offering various recreational and rehabilitation facilities

However, this is not all about what can give you a recreational opportunity. There are some of the best winter sports centers for those who like to get adventurous. One can take a beautiful view while travelling by the cable cars and ski lifts present in the centers like Popova Sapka at Mt. Sar, Pelister, Mavrovo and Krusevo .

Hence, if you are planning to have a holiday in the country, Macedonia is bound to give you extreme pleasure and an opportunity to choose among a wide accommodation facilities – there are 90 hotels, 10 camps, and 80,000 beds to choose from. All you need to do before travelling there is just make yourself ready for a memorable and comfortable trip.

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