Krusevo Attracts History Lovers

Bill Alen - Dec 30, 2013
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A small town in Western Macedonia, Krusevo can give you the feeling of going back in time. The town is filled with rich traditional architecture, historical centers and cultural sites. The town layout has remained unchanged for about a hundred years and the city manages to preserve its rich traditional architecture, even in the time of rapid global modernization.

Apart from its history and culture the town also has the power to please nature lovers. Krusevo is tucked high up in the mountains and is bordered by beautiful pine woods. It also becomes a haven for thrill seekers during the winter season, as it is one of the best winter sport destinations in Macedonia. Just walking the streets of Krusevo can be quite pleasant experience as it can present you with a nice blend of beautiful nature and traditional architecture.

A project called "Krusevo Ethno-Town" has been started to preserve the rich heritage and culture of the town. This project aims at attracting more tourists by giving the town an early 20th century look, which was the time of the Llinden uprising.


Krusevo is famous for being the site of the Llinden uprising against the Ottoman Empire in the year 1903. Even though the rebellion lasted only 10 days, after which it was suppressed, it is still an important period in Macedonian national history marking the struggle for freedom. The rebellion is a matter of great national pride and its memory is still cherished in modern day Macedonia. To honor the struggles of the revolutionaries a massive monument has been erected above the hills of Krusevo.


To celebrate the Llinden uprising the town is host to an annual celebration from 2nd August till 11th August. Tourists from all over the globe visit Krusevo at this time to witness the festival. "Guminja", a local park, is probably the best place to be during this period to experience local music, dance and, cuisine.


Krusevo is located 4,400 feet above the sea level and experiences snowfall in the winters. This makes it an ideal location for winter sports. Activities such as paragliding are also quite popular in the town because of the ideal wind conditions. Over the winter thousands of tourists from all over the country flock the local ski resort as well. Other activities in Krusevo include hiking, biking and motor races.

Places to See

St. Nikolai Church: Situated in the old bazaar, St. Nikolai Church has a lot of historical and architectural significance. It was built in 1905 on the site of an older church which was destroyed during the Llinden uprising.

St. Jovan Church: The church was built in 1897 and is a great place to visit for its rich traditional architecture. The church houses two large stoves common in Krusevo houses.

Meckin Kamen: Also known as the 'Bear Stone' this monument marks the place where a band of revolutionaries defended the town against incoming Turkish troops. Legendary leader "Vojvoda", along with his soldiers gave their lives in this very spot while fearlessly defending the town.

Llinden Uprising Museum: The museum houses priceless photographs, weapons, documents and articles from the period of the revolution. This is the best place to visit if you want to learn about the historical details of the uprising.

Nikola Martinovski Gallery: Born in the town of Krusevo in 1903, Nikola Martinovski is onbe of the most important painters of Macedonia. Before his death in 1973 he donated 62 paintings to the town. The paintings are now carefully exhibited in the house where he was born. Apart from his paintings the house itself is an architectural masterpiece and is worth a visit.

Getting There

"Alexander the Great Airport" is located in the capital city of Skopje and is the largest international airport in the country. It is well connected to all the major European cities. Krusevo is just a 3 hours bus ride away from Skopje. Regular bus service is available connecting places like Skopje, Prilep and Bitola with Krusevo.

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