Community Tourism in Ecuador – Meet the Locals

Bill Alen - Jun 24, 2013
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Ecuador is a kaleidoscope of color, which has unlimited attractive experiences to offer to the tourists. The country boasts amazing flora and fauna, and multitude of indigenous communities. Due to the efforts of community tourism organizations, you can become familiar with all the aspects of this exotic nation. The main locations for travelers interested in local people are as follows:

Sinchi Pura

Located in the Napo province, Sinchi Pura is 100% seeped in natural beauty. Its community tourism offers a wide variety of recreational activities to the visitors.

You can go for long walks in the jungle and admire the awesome creations of Mother Nature. You can also try bird watching, which will prove to be a pleasurable activity. The birds found here can hardly be spotted anywhere else in the world. Therefore, you will have a great time appreciating these distinct feathered creatures.

In case you are an adventure-seeker, then you should definitely try rafting and tubing. The experience will be exhilarating. Night walks are again a good option. Bathed in the moonlight, you will be mesmerized by the exquisiteness of the nocturnal surroundings here.

The Quichua music is unique and quite entertaining. The lodging arrangement at Sinchi Pura is influenced by Quichua living. Experience the thrill of staying in huts that are surrounded by tropical forests.

Tolón Pelé

The Tolón Pelé community tourism center is dedicated to providing interesting information about the Tsáchila people. This is the only center through which you can learn about these interesting people.

You will get the opportunity of having a close look at the unusual crafts that the natives make. You will also visit the looms and workshops where these crafts are made. With such beautiful creations around, there is no reason of not buying them. Take them home as souvenirs for your friends and colleagues.

In the center you will be able to learn about the shamanic rituals. You can look around the center without any hurry, as it offers comfortable lodging and food for the visitors. By choosing this enormous 4+ hectares center as your holiday destination, you will be financially helping 61 families.

Sani Lodge

Run by the Kichwa people, the Sani Lodge is situated in the lap of nature. The people are knowledgeable about the landscape. Since they are the actual inhabitants of this area, they provide jaw-dropping facts to the tourists. You can visit several places here that are just delightful to the senses.

You can savor canoe rides, piranha fishing, hiking that takes place both day and night, and learn the art of using a blowgun as well. It is a weapon, which the Kichwa people use to get hold of their prey.

The community tourism is the best way to learn about a foreign culture. At the Sani Lodge, you can actually see how the indigenous people lead their regular lives.

The lodge has enough number of rooms and can accommodate up to 30 people. If you wish to camp then the shore of the lake has a provision for that too.

Ishkay Yaku

Nestled in the Amazon part of Ecuador, the Ishkay Yaku community tourism center has been providing impressive tourism facilities for the last 2 years. It is spread around 50 hectares in Pastaza province. The region offers tremendous opportunity of having entertaining and relaxing time.

A wide variety of activities can be done. You can experience a profound cleansing of your body by taking a purification bath and rejuvenate your senses with a mud therapy.

You can enjoy the natural wonders by visiting the caves, rivers, and beautiful lakes. Visit the wildlife rescue center where several exotic species are being bred. Give full reign to your adventurous spirit by trying blowpipe and canoeing.

The interesting culture of the communities will attract you immensely. You will definitely marvel at splendid handicrafts, amazing music, and dance.


It is situated in the province of Santa Elena. Sacachún center was opened in July 2012. The inspiration behind this beautiful name is the long clear river that runs along the border of the village and is an important source of water for the villagers.

The people here are farmers and cultivate vegetables like tomatoes, and rear animals such as goats and cows. This destination is dotted with a variety of trees including acacia, sapodilla, and mountain cotton. Animals like foxes, and squirrels, and birds like buzzards and falcons can be spotted easily.

The village has profound history and the presence of the stone statue of St. Biritute proves it clearly. There are also interesting stone paths that you will love to discover while walking along the trails.

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