Larry Brain - Jun 3, 2008
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Outdoor loving adventurers always seek out new opportunities to enjoy breathtaking environment in combination with challenging activities. Climbing a mountain or rafting down a wild river always seems like the perfect way to precisely fulfill the major objective of a quest after adventure. Those, who are not faint-hearted, are magically drawn to the Latin American Equador. The Andes and the Amazon rainforest offer an unchallenged opportunity for danger seekers to get wild and live through some heart-stopping experience.


Spending a lovely afternoon out, when the sun is shining and the roads are clear is a truly fun prospect of a Sunday afternoon, yet here, a whole new concept of mountain biking is introduced. The extremely demanding terrain should not be taken lightly; the massive ascents are physically challenging. On the other hand, riding through the Amazon lush rain forest is rewarding enough for anyone to exceed their personal limit by far.


The network of roads is surprisingly good here. The Incas who lived in the area thousands of years ago were very enthusiastic ‘road builders’. To be more precise, they carved a large number of scenic paths which are now being used by the cycling lovers.


A most popular biking day trip starts at a little town of Banos. Heading to Puyo in the Oriente, the cycling fans will be taken aback by the lush tropical vegetation and grand waterfalls. The spectacular El Pailon del Diablo is an absolute must-see. The path also leads through a thrilling dark tunnel underneath a mountain – there is no chance of cycling through it without a light. Once the bikers get to Rio Blanko, they may get of the saddle and enjoy an exciting ride in a motorized cable car over a shockingly deep river gorge. In fact this is Equador’s longest cable car route. The route eventually ends in Puyo; this wonderful trip may be easily done within one day and the charming environment together with welcoming people creates an ideal destination for any traveler.

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