DESTINATION/ Ecuador – Microcosm of Sensations

Ecuador is well known for its stunning natural beauty and cultural diversity. Explore the options offered by community tourism centers or adventurous organizations. Discover the colorful land.



Ecuador Tourism Industry Is Vital for Improving Economic Sustainability

Gregory Dolgos

As a country, Ecuador is well known for its fantastic diversity in terms of history, biodiversity and culture. However, the country's tourism industry has suffered over the years due to severe economic crisis and lacking infrastructure and transportation system. During the 1980's the local government provided very limited support for tourism initiatives leaving the many ancient ruins, colonial towns and regions of scenic natural beauty underdeveloped. According to statistics made available by t...

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Ecuador

Bill Alen

Ecuador's natural beauty, historical significance and cultural diversity make it one of the most exciting and memorable countries in the world for vacation with attractions to entice every type of tourist. Whether you are looking for the excitement of rafting on the mighty Amazon River, hiking through lush rainforest, or leisurely strolling through the many charming churches, there is no end of things to see and do in this beautiful equatorial land. The following are Ecuador's top 10 'must-see' ...

Community Tourism Centers: Meet the Indigenous People

Bill Alen

Ecuador is a kaleidoscope of color, which has unlimited attractive experiences to offer to the tourists. The country boasts amazing flora and fauna, and multitude of indigenous communities. Due to the efforts of community tourism organizations, you can become familiar with all the aspects of this exotic nation. The main locations for travelers interested in local people are as follows: Sinchi Pura Located in the Napo province, Sinchi Pura is 100% seeped in natural beauty. Its community touri...

Mountain Climbing in Ecuador Is Full of Challenges

Ashley Nault

Ecuador is one of the most popular spots for avid climbers because of its numerous volcanoes. Some are active, while others remain dormant and many of the most popular ones are over 5,000 meters above sea level. There are many climbs to choose from, but these are some of the most popular ones today. Cotopaxi remains one of the most commonly traveled climbs in Ecuador probably since it is one of the highest and most active volcanoes today. At 5,987 meters, the climb is more of a walk although ...