Alaska: The Land of Diversity

For some the land of eternal frost, for others beautiful wilderness – Alaska offers it all to those who want to discover this land where only the most courageous adventurers dared to come in the past.


Alaska – The Greatland

Nils Kraus

Alaska is the largest and northernmost state in the United States of America, also called The Last Frontier. Its breathtaking beauty dazzles visitors and its unique combination of urban life, worldly adventures and pristine wilderness are all within easy reach. Alaska is where ordinary people experience the thrill and excitement of the extraordinary. Alaska is where you feel free. Alaska is where your dreams become reality. Whether you are travelling independently, with a family or in an escort...

The Highs and Lows of Alaska’s Tourism

Gregory Dolgos

Tourism is Alaska's second largest private-sector employer, accounting for one in eight private-sector jobs. It is also Alaska's fastest-growing industry. Most of Alaska's visitors are from the United States (87%), with 9% from Canada and about 4% from other countries. The majority of Alaska summer visitors come for pleasure. During the fall/winter season, business and convention travel is the primary trip purpose. Another significant visitor segment includes those who are coming to Alaska to v...

From Seward to Talkeetna: The Best Alaska Has to Offer

Anna Luebke

All Roads Are Not Created Equal A 2.5-hour drive along one of the most breathtaking routes in Alaska doesn’t even begin to reveal it all. Designated a National Scenic Byway and All-American Road, the Seward Highway stretches 127 miles from Anchorage to Seward, bordered by the picturesque Turnagain Arm. It’s no mystery why scenic viewpoints are plentiful. Travelers can scan the adjacent cliffs for Dall sheep and eagles and see beluga whales in the inlet, spotted by their telltale whi...

Tourism Industries Hoping for Stability in Numbers

Tomas Haupt

Cruise ships from Vancouver and Seattle have set sail for Alaska and will be here in a couple of weeks. Some tourism businesses are hoping to boost their visitor appeal. The Alaska Native Heritage Center is getting ready for what it hopes will be a busy summer tourism season. "I know that there's been predictions for fewer tourists this year, but we did better than we thought we would last year, so there's no reason not to stay optimistic," said David Farve with the center. With several new...

Russian Remains: Alaska Once Dominated by Another World Power

Justin N. Froyd

When the United States purchased Alaska from Russia in 1867, $7.2 million seemed like an enormous price tag for 586,412 square miles of what many considered nothing but frozen wasteland. Today, that amount seems like a bargain as Alaska has proven to be a state rich in gold, oil, timber, minerals and incredible natural beauty. Nonetheless, the influence of Russian ownership and early expeditions to Alaska left a strong imprint on the people of contemporary Alaska. Be it spiritual, cultural or a...