Tourism Review Online Magazine 6 / 2010

May 31, 2010

Dear readers,


The latest Tourism Review Online Magazine is here – this time both in pdf as well as html version. Enjoy the new features and let us know what you (don’t) like.

If you are a history lover, open the Heritage part and let us invite you for a stay in unique hotels – palaces, casas, forts. Visit Cornwall, Andalucía or even Hungary and enjoy the world of aristocracy. The Adventure supplement goes also back in time although not so far. This time we present various tours and monuments connected with the Communist era.

Slum tourism is the theme of the Ethical part focusing on the question whether the so popular tours are helping in any way to the poverty stricken communities at all. The Professional supplement discusses the latest issues of the youth tourism industry including the role of couchsurfing for hostels. First of all however open the Destination part and enjoy the wildly romantic land of diversity – Alaska.


Milada Sovadinova



Young, Restless and Traveling

Tomas Haupt

- May 31, 2010

Every summer the cities are full of students enjoying their summer break. Youth tourism has become an important market. However, are the young backpackers likely to bring serious profits?

Slums for Voyeurs or Responsible Travelers?

Andrea Hausold

- May 31, 2010

Slum tours have become very popular in the past years. What can you expect? Should you be worried to be called a voyeur or rather a responsible tourist?

Alaska: The Land of Diversity

Daniel A. Tanner

- May 31, 2010

For some the land of eternal frost, for others beautiful wilderness – Alaska offers it all to those who want to discover this land where only the most courageous adventurers dared to come in the past.