The Greatland: Alaska as a Unique Tourism Destination

Nils Kraus - May 31, 2010
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Alaska is the largest and northernmost state in the United States of America, also called The Last Frontier. Its breathtaking beauty dazzles visitors and its unique combination of urban life, worldly adventures and pristine wilderness are all within easy reach. Alaska is where ordinary people experience the thrill and excitement of the extraordinary. Alaska is where you feel free. Alaska is where your dreams become reality.

Whether you are travelling independently, with a family or in an escorted group, Alaska is a destination for everyone. While flying over the tallest mountain in North America – Mt. McKinley – or watching Aurora Borealis dance on the starlit sky may be some of the most sought after activities, the list of adventures is endless and caters to a variety of tastes and ages.

Imagine stepping onto the ancient land that was once connected to Eurasia by a land bridge and having a first-hand experience with its native inhabitants. Explore the amazing coexistence of the human and animal worlds. Feel the adrenalin rush through your veins as you view grizzly bears in their natural habitat, kayak next to the largest mammals on the planet, walk on glaciers, dog sled with champion mushers or hike in the world’s northernmost patch of the rainforest. Alaska is the only place where you can experience all of these unique activities. And this, plus much more, can be enjoyed in as little as one week!

Think these activities are beyond your reach? Think again! Everyday people just like you are coming to Alaska and seeing, feeling and experiencing all that it has to offer.

Not only your visions of Alaska entirely possible, but Alaska is more accessible than you might think. During the peak summer months many major US airlines provide non-stop service to Alaska from over 14 US gateways. International travelers can connect to non-stop charter flights from Frankfurt and Tokyo. Once you are here, getting around Alaska is easy, with just about every mode of transportation.

You can get on a breath-taking train ride as you watch the wildlife go about its daily routine. You can take a cruise ship or a ferry as you soak in the mist of the ocean. You can also get around by car, motorhome or bus to enjoy your own sightseeing stops. Touring Alaska by airplane should be included in every itinerary to see Alaska’s vast landscape unfold slowly beneath you as you approach the land of rigid peaks, massive glaciers and expansive river valleys.


An Alaskan holiday is more than just a place to visit, it is a magical place where you can still connect with nature and perhaps reconnect with yourself. Take a vacation that you will talk about for the rest of your life.

By Yuliya Redelina

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