Joe McClain - Dec 9, 2013
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Everybody has their own idea of a perfect holiday, and for many this involves sun, sand and relaxation. For others, it involves precisely the opposite, and time away from work or school is spent going on adventures, exploring new places and being active. For those who would rather climb a mountain or take part in water sports than sunbathe on a beach, Easyvoyage brings 10 holiday ideas that will provide you with adventure, adrenaline and lots of lasting memories.

Trek Through the Himalayas

If you’re someone who doesn’t mind a bit of strenuous exercise when you know it will pay off in the end, then climbing a mountain is something you’re likely to enjoy. Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world, is a challenge to even the most experienced climbers, but if you’d rather try something a little easier you can climb one of the small mountains. If you want to visit the Everest region but you don’t actually want to climb a mountain, you can trek around the area instead and visit market squares, Hindu temples, monasteries and more.

Ride Through India on Horseback

For those who love to go on adventures but would rather not do the whole trip by foot, travelling on horseback is a great way to experience a new place, especially for the horse lovers out there. In India you’ll be able to ride one of the famous Marwari horses and travel through rural villages, forests and hills and see beautiful lakes, and ancient temples. You’ll have accommodation provided for you each night so you’ll be able to spend time exploring the towns on foot by night as well as enjoying the scenery by day.

Go on an African Safari

If you love animals and want to venture into the wilderness to see wildlife at its best, then a safari is the perfect holiday for you. Safaris are available in many different African countries and regions such as Uganda, Botswana, Zambia and more, and are a great way of getting in touch with nature. You’ll be escorted around by a tour guide during the day, and at night you’ll sleep in luxurious tents and lodges kitted out with comfortable beds and furniture. If you want to get even closer to nature, you can opt to go for the less luxurious, but more atmospheric accommodation and sleep in a tent on the ground, experiencing life more like the animals.

Go on a North Pole Expedition

If you want to really challenge the typical summer holiday ideal then you can try a North Pole expedition. This is a great opportunity and is something that not many people are likely to do in their lifetime, and it can be an amazing experience. You can sleep under the stars in a heated glass igloo, rough it in a real igloo, or even go on a hot air balloon ride. One of the most attractive things about the North Pole is the opportunity to see the Aurora Borealis, or the Northern Lights, an experience which you will remember for the rest of your life if you’re lucky enough to witness it.

Explore the Jungle

There are many different countries in which you can explore the jungle, but some of the most popular are Thailand, Costa Rica and Brazil. No matter where you are or what jungle you are exploring, it is an incomparable experience which you’ll remember forever. See monkeys swinging from trees, toucans flying overhead, beautiful, exotic plants and even some of the rarest animals as you wander through the humid jungle with a guide who will help you get the most out of your adventure. This is an excellent opportunity for wildlife enthusiasts and photographers, but watch out for thieving monkeys!

Swim With Dolphins in Florida

If you’re mad about dolphins or you just want to experience something new and exciting, swimming with dolphins is one of the most magical experiences you can have in a lifetime. You’ll be able to connect and interact with them and see how intelligent and talented they really are, and you might even get to have a go at training them and get the dolphins to perform some tricks!

Discover Iceland’s Waterfalls and Glaciers

In Iceland you’ll be able to discover some truly amazing sights which you wouldn’t be able to see anywhere else, and by ditching the beach holiday to spend some time admiring the glaciers and bathing in the Blue Lagoon, you’ll get to see the real diversity of nature. Iceland is not only home to some huge and impressive glaciers, but also some of Europe’s largest waterfalls including the Seljalandsfoss waterfall which you can walk through, and the Skógafoss which has a huge 60m drop and is popular with photographers. When you’ve finished exploring in the cold, you can take a warm, relaxing bath in the famous Blue Lagoon which is full of minerals, algae and silica and has a temperature of around 38°C.

Take to the slopes in Switzerland

Another great idea for those who don’t mind being in the cold, skiing is a hugely popular activity, usually over Christmas or during the winter, and is great for any adrenaline junkies out there. Switzerland is home to some of the best ski resorts in the world, but there are plenty of other countries that offer ski holidays if Switzerland isn’t for you. Skiing is great fun for both beginners and advanced skiers, and you’ll not only get to slide down slopes all day but you’ll also get to eat in cosy cafés, enjoy some luxury shopping and retreat back to a fairy-tale log cabin where you can sit by the fire and reflect excitedly on the day’s events.

Go Rock Climbing or Abseiling in Australia

Australia is full of dramatic rock formations which you can climb, and there are plenty of ways to do so. If you’re an expert climber then you may prefer to do it alone, but for most people there will be an instructor on hand to help you out and make sure you’re safe. These rocks are perfect not only for rock climbing, but also for abseiling, so once you’ve got to the top, you can test another skill and abseil back down again. This activity is great fun and gets you really active but it’s not for the faint of heart, especially if you have a problem with heights!

Go Wild Camping in England

It might not sound like the most interesting suggestion but there’s no denying that camping is one of the best ways to get close to nature and enjoy life away from the norm. Whilst at a campsite you might get toilets and showers provided, with wild camping you are literally left to fend for yourself with your travel companions, which can be a great experience and help you to realise how privileged you really are. If you love watching those programmes about survival in the wild, then you can put what you’ve learnt to the test and try feeding yourself on your natural surroundings and bathing in a nearby lake or river There are lots of places in England where you can legally camp for free, but make sure you check first before you pitch your tent.

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