ADVENTURE/ Hiking the Slippery Glaciers

Prolong the winter and explore the ice world of glaciers. Travel to Montana, Alaska or even New Zealand and explore the stunning views of icebergs and glaciers.


Perito Moreno: Patagonia’s Gem

Larry Brain

Even though there are countless outstanding destinations for hiking all over the globe, Perito Moreno in Argentina stands out from all of them as one of the most picturesque glaciers. It is well known for exceptional forest cover and breath-taking mountain views. What's more, it is also one of the few glaciers that still continue to grow (at an approximated 2 to 6 feet every day). Although a slight glacial collapse had recently been reported, this should not have you worried as you can still be ...

Spencer Glacier in Alaska – Train, Lake, Moraine

Richard Moor

Alaska’s Spencer Glacier is a truly phenomenal place to visit and it can only be reached by rail. Ascending Path and Alaska Railroad work together to get visitors to this amazing place offering guided hiking tours of the glacier. This location is the perfect place to learn about blue ice and get really up close and personal with the giant frozen mountain. Spencer Glacier is situated south of Portage Valley, the Chugach National Forest and the Turnagain Arm in the Kenai Mountains. Hikers need ...

Glacier National Park – Explore Not Only the Receding Glaciers

Joe McClain

Glacier National Park is situated in Montana on the south and borders British Columbia and Alberta. The park occupies over one million acres and has numerous animal, bird and plant species and over 130 lakes, 175 mountains, 25 glaciers and close to 3000 miles of streams. The Park receives close to two million tourists every year, most of these visitors main attraction is hiking. Glacier National Park is largely dominated by curved mountains. Outflow lakes, arêtes, glacial cirques as well as U-s...

Franz Josef Glacier – Discover New Zealand’s Icy Face

Denise Chen

The Franz Josef glacier in New Zealand offers a great gateway destination that works for wilderness lovers and those who are looking forward to extreme snow sports. Here you will find great vistas starting with a primeval rainforest to the unique wildlife of the country. Franz Josef glacier is the only place in the world letting you plunge into fiords for pleasure. No wonder, it is termed as the adventure capital of the world. Whether it is on a heli-ride or trekking up the glaciers, you will...