Perito Moreno – Hiker’s Dream

Larry Brain - Feb 25, 2013
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Even though there are countless outstanding destinations for hiking all over the globe, Perito Moreno in Argentina stands out from all of them as one of the most picturesque glaciers. It is well known for exceptional forest cover and breath-taking mountain views. What's more, it is also one of the few glaciers that still continue to grow (at an approximated 2 to 6 feet every day). Although a slight glacial collapse had recently been reported, this should not have you worried as you can still be able to easily trek it.

In most cases it is only during the trek that you will most definitely come across several striking features of Perito Moreno. These features include its massive size (the glacier covers more than 1,740 miles), the glacier's front which stretches 3.1 miles out and height of up to 200 feet above sea level. What's more, it is only while hiking you will get to find out more about the nurture of the glacier which seems more than capable of supporting an entire town building civilization onto the ice. Hikers will also notice the milky-turquoise distinct color of the glacier's majestic waters that is combined with an amazing crisp of ice and characteristic of serene silence which will make you feel calm by a mere glance.

This same area also serves as one of the largest drinking water supply. Take note, ninety percent of water for drinking is drawn from glacial areas. This particular region comes in third after Antarctica and Greenland which are considered as the main suppliers. Also, one in a while you will hear loud thunder like sounds as a result of the continuous movement of glacier which end up falling into Lake Argentina.

When making plans, one way to make sure that is the most memorable experience is by settling in any one of the homes based in El Calafate. In addition to this feel free to spice thing up by making reservations for a trekking tour with Aventura and Hielo. This will cost you approximately 540 Argentine Pesos (around $123), the entry fee to access Los Glaciares Nacional Park is around 100 Pesos (approximately $23). The best thing about all this is the fact that the company responsible will make arrangements and pick you during morning hours and then bring you back each time the day's tours draw to a close. Also included is a group hike, this is a guarantee for a moderately guided yet at the same time intense excursion of the glacier. In some cases during the end of each tour, participants get treated to dulce de leche alfajor and a shot of whiskey which tends to help a lot in warming up the body.

Things you should have with you for the trek and what to take into consideration during the whole tour:

- Put on layers. This is very important mainly because the weather near glaciers is always unpredictable. What's more, they will provide you with the much needed comfort to see you through the tours.

- Take as many water proof items that are relevant to the hike as you can. This should include shoes, pants, jackets and most importantly cameras. Remember to carry with you your gloves as they are very important for dealing with sharp ice. If possible get an extra pair just in case the ones you have on get wet as a result of weather changes.

- Stick to hiking guidelines. This is very important as it will help you easily identify the best lookout points to take photos. What's more, you will be able to avoid sinkholes all over the glacier.

- Familiarize yourself with using your crampons. This is because they are usually slightly heavy hence tending to feel a little funny and uncomfortable at the same time.

Let your main objective while trekking be to have lots of fun and to take several pictures. Take advantage of the rare scenery of Perito Moreno which has in fact be branded the "eighth wonder of the world" by many people.

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