Top 10 Adventure Towns of the World

William Law - Mar 30, 2009
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More and more adrenalin sports and experiences are offered to us every day and it is getting harder and harder to choose among them. Outdoor sports have become a massive hit in the last decades and people are thus searching for better places for their leisure activities. Over the years, certain places with particularly good access to rivers, mountains, surf, and other natural features have cultivated entire communities based on outdoor recreation. Matador Trips have come with a chart of the world’s most adrenaline cities. Where can you find them? knows the answers.

Valdez, Alaska

Alaska is generally knowen as the Mecca of lovers of adrenaline experience from all around the world. Valdez is no exception. It is famous with both snowboard and ski freeride fans as one of the most beautiful heli-skiing places worldwide. Its position at the seaside also makes Valdez a very popular sea kayaking and fishing area.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver is not only the home of the hockey team of Canucks (a visit to their matches could also be counted among adrenaline experiences). On its North Shore, the freeride mountain biking was invented. The mountains offer the adrenaline addicted bikers all they can possibly want from a freeride track.

Jackson, Wyoming

Being quite a small town, Jackson Hole lives from adrenaline tourism. It profits mainly from the perfect ski and snowboard freeride conditions the surrounding mountains have to offer. It is however not just snow that the town attracts its visitors with. Also the fans of other adrenaline sports can definitely enjoy themselves here – be it bikers, hikers or paragliding enthusiasts. 

Moab, UT

The environs of the desert town of Moab are interwoven with roads, tracks and trails that are only passable for 4x4 vehicles, off-road motorbikes and mountain bikes. If you want to have genuine off-road adventure, no matter whether you prefer mountain bike, paraglide or buggy kiting, Moab desert is a place to go. 

Puerto Escondido, Mexico

There is no such place for surfing as Puerto Escondido. The former fishing town is now famous especially for its beautiful beaches, for example Playa Principal and Zicatela and high waves, in the 1960’s it was also a famous and popular gathering point for the Hippies. Adventure-seekers who got bored by surfing can enjoy kayaking, scuba diving and eco tourism in the surrounding jungles and mountains.

Turrialba, Costa Rica

Costa Rica has perfect weather and the right spots for surfing. Yet riding on the waves is not the only adrenaline experience you can bring home from this paradise. The nature around Turrialba offers cool places and condition for many other outdoor sports, the most popular ones being mountain biking, hiking, and backpacking tours.

Arequipa, Peru

Finally something for the enthusiasts of one of the older adrenaline sports – the mountain climbing. In contrast to the recently invented ones, climbing has a long tradition and the best spots have been known for years. Arequipa is for sure one of them – it offers climbing tracks of all difficulty levels, spread over its 19 volcanic peaks. In case you are not really into climbing mountains, there are other possibilities – i.e. whitewater paddling or hiking.

Futaleufu, Chile

Another little town absolutely unknown to most of the world’s population. Yet to a small group of people – the fans of kayaking – Futaleufu means the same thing Las Vegas means to gamblers.

Grytviken, South Georgia Island

Actually, Grytviken is an abandoned townlet with rusting ruins of factories, houses and a church, surrounded by the wild Antarctic nature. You can meet the penguins, seals or albatrosses near the sea. It is basically one of the last spots in the world where adventurers can experience the touch of the real wild nature and explore new places as well their own physical limits – simply the true, old-fashioned adventure.

Cape Town, South Africa

Like the other destinations mentioned above, Cape Town is already by its name closely connected to the ocean and presents a paradise for surfers from all over the world. The beaches of white sand invite many professionals as well as amateurs to have a hand at their huge waves of dark blue sea water. If you want to get dry after surfing, you can make a trip up to the top of the Table Mountain.

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    Queenstown NZ?
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  2. Top 10 Adventure Towns(Spots) of the world

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