Lisa Wallin - Oct 28, 2019
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Millennial travelers are a trend. Brands want to win them over; companies want to hire them, and tourist destinations want to attract them. They are without a doubt the generation of the moment and, according to most studies, it is also the generation that travels the most.

What experiences do millennials look for? If we take into account that they are a 100% digital generation, and that what they want is, above all, to live unforgettable experiences, we already have a rough idea of what this catching trend means.

Another characteristic of it is seasonality. No more waiting until summer vacations. Millennial travelers want to live their experiences at any time of the year, and that is why they always find any good excuse to put aside the daily routine and escape for a few days – no matter how few – from work or studies, and are willing to discover a new city, island or destination. And always with one goal in mind: making those days memorable.

Traveler profile

Although many might feel identified with everything explained above, the truth is that the wanderlust traveler stands out for having one of the following basic characteristics:


Here we find the young travelers study or work, but some expenses are already covered by their countries of origin, so much of their money is saved in order to fund these trips that they have in mind. It is also true that thanks to their planning, they are able to book flights and hotels at the best price. They compare destinations, seasons and tour operators. They do everything to enjoy their chosen destination as much as possible.


They like mountains and being in touch with nature. They like camping, and even if they travel alone, they are always open to join groups or tours. They look for information on official sites of destinations, natural parks, or Tripadvisor, for example. They travel with less luggage than the average traveler, so another trait is that they save a lot on transport.

Destination of choice

They do not have a favorite destination beforehand. Millennial travelers are open to discovering new places and, in fact, their choices are increasingly varied: from paradise beaches to standing high in the mountains, or heading to urban routes across not-so-known cities. The reality is that the destination of choice is not that important like having what’s necessary to make their stay an unforgettable experience.

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