Gregory Dolgos - Mar 25, 2019
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Eco-friendly, sustainable, genuine, personalized – millennial travelers want it all in their holiday experience. Tourism businesses need to adjust their offer to all these features that are highly attractive to the Millennials. Tourism-review.com presents the top tips for creating the most attractive offer to the millennial travelers.

Think Environment-Friendly

It is one of the most significant markers of this generation: the Millennials embrace products and services that improve their quality of life, but also that of society. This generation is in deep search of meaning and is committed to brands that make a difference for society.
They consume with an awareness of tomorrow's world and therefore of the potential impact (environmental, social, economic...) of their purchases. Replanting trees, contributing to humanitarian projects, being concerned about employees' working conditions can be part of your offer's "goal".

Offer Genuine Culture

For 60 to 80% of the Millennial travelers, authenticity is the number one criterion in choosing a trip. Trips as close as possible to the local culture, with local facilities, will delight this generation in search of meaning and cultural enrichment.
Generation Y doesn't just want to see the Eiffel Tower, it wants to see the Eiffel Tower with a Frenchman who explains his life in Paris. This search for authenticity also meets a need for personalization and nourishes the impression of the millennial of being off the beaten track, of having avoided the so-called "too touristy" places.

Fun and Memorable Experiences

"Relaxed" is a term that comes up regularly to characterize the Millennials. People between the ages of 18 and 35 prefer fun, joyful and intense experiences to the benefit of ownership (of cars, real estate, objects...). The Millennials are conscious, hedonistic and live their present lives to the fullest, they seek strong emotions and thrills in everything they experience. "YOLO"[You Only Live Once] is their motto!
Small-group trips are increasingly popular among millennial friends because it’s one of the best ways to travel off the beaten paths and stay together. And a convenient yet affordable mean of transport would be a minibus rental with seasoned transport providers like Limo Find, the company assisting its customers across the entire USA.

Promote Self-guided/Customized Tours

The Millennial travelers are not consumers of packaged products at all. That's it! Not only do they like to access customized services and products, including trips, but they are also very attached to their self-reliance. They are liberal, mobile and prefer flexibility to comfort. Hence the success of road trips. It is better to focus on a self-guided tour with suggested routes and local experiences, rather than an all-inclusive stay in a club!

Social Media Communication

It is impossible to avoid social media nowadays, especially Facebook and Instagram for the Y generation. On average, Millennials spend 2 hours and 39 minutes a day on these sites. And they view them as very important.
The journey must be "shareable", that is, it must allow them to give a certain ideal image of themselves and attract the support of their peers, but also that social media must offer them continuous inspiration for their next vacation.

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