Joe McClain - Nov 12, 2018

The American millennials are more adventurous, and this has influenced the way the Americans pick their trip destinations. 

According to data provided by the American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA), the number of travelers who visit foreign countries, after a 17-year span, is now 12 million.

In 2000, 26 million American tourists visited another country. Last year, this number was 38 million – which is almost the total population of the neighboring Canada.

“Americans are becoming more open-minded,” Zane Kerby, the president and CEO of the ASTA, declared. “They step into planes and go to distant places in the western world.”

As a whole, the Americans on foreign territories spent a total of US$145 billion in 2017 – doubling the figures of 2000. By traveler, the spending is close to US$4.000.

Based on the ASTA analysis, the tourist profile has also changed, shifting from a 45-year old man, who plans things 86 days in advance, to the woman who sorts things out 105 days before the day of departure.

Kerby also declares that “American millennials are the very first generation that, instead of wanting to see something new, they want to do something new.” However, this generation’s willingness to experience something different has yet to be reflected in a drastic change. For 64% of American tourists, leisure is still one of the main reasons for taking the time out; 59% answered that family is what matters the most these days.

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