Nik Fes - Nov 20, 2017
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The number of American tourists visiting Russia in 2017 has grown significantly according to the estimates of tour operators.

The growing number might be surprising, considering the political tension between both countries. Some experts and tour operators even speak of a growth of up to 40% in terms of American inflow to the country.

The press secretary of the Russian Tourist Industry Union noted that “the activity of American tourists has become especially noticeable this spring”. According to her, some tour operators had the same number of groups in the first quarter of 2017 as they did for the entire 2016 year. The strong dollar and improved infrastructure in Russian cities played a significant role in the positive trend.

Moreover, the number of trips on the Trans-Siberian Railway, booked by Americans, doubled compared to 2016.

“Tour operators are awaiting further growth in demand among Americans visiting Russia in 2018. Important historical dates may boost the numbers as well – the centenary of the fall of the Romanov dynasty and the collapse of the Russian Empire. These topics are popular among American tourists and will be an additional incentive to travel,” the expert added.

According to the Russian Border Authority, in the first half of the year the number of tourist trips of Americans to Russia increased by 30% compared to the same period last year. This is an increase of up to 95.6 thousand travelers.

In 2016, American tourists made 178 thousand trips for leisure purposes to Russia. With these figures, they took third place among the source markets – after China and Germany. It is expected that at least 200 thousand American trips to Russia will be organized by the end of 2017.

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