Tomas Haupt - Jan 21, 2019
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The hotel sector faces a future of changes, competitiveness, and uncertainty. Digitalization has brought new booking management systems, online sales and even the type of a tourist that looks for experiences, who is more informed, and is very clear about what they like and dislike when traveling. These are most of the tourists who belong to Generation Y – the Millennials. Together with senior tourists, they are the two segments with the most potential for the tourism industry.

Millennial tourism is the context where many hotels, travel agencies, and tour operators wonder what they can do to be more competitive and bring in new potential customers. The first thing business and entrepreneurs need to be aware is what millennials are like, what buying habits they have, and what their digital user profiles are like. Travel experts identified a number of millennial tourism trends.

Guided by Reviews

Millennials are an online-driven generation and can surf easily on the Internet. This makes it possible for them to discover opinions and reviews of people from the other side of the world, who just a few days ago were in the same destination, stayed in the same hotel, or took the same trip. They are quick to trust the reviews and advice, even if the authors are complete strangers, and even value them over comments of the establishment itself.

24/7 Internet Connection

Millennial tourism relies on fast internet connection available round the clock. Millennials use new technologies not only to plan their trip and read the reviews, but they also want to share their experience while on the trip. From maps to platforms that allow sharing expenses, they want to be online at all times.

Healthy Diet

One of the millennial tourism trends is also the focus on healthy food. Many millennial travelers are aware of the importance of eating natural and organic products, so they prioritize fruits and vegetables over junk food. In fact, according to a Nielsen survey on generational lifestyles, 81% of millennials are willing to pay more for healthy food.

Living the Experience

This generation no longer sees holidays as an ordinary period of relaxation and rest. That is why many have replaced the traditional sun-and-beach trip that they have repeated so many times with their parents, for cities, islands and other corners of the world where they plan to discover new cultures and meet unique people. They seek once-in-a-lifetime experiences and, above all, fit into the local culture.

Social Values

No matter what the focus of a travel business is, millennial tourism is also about sustainability and contribution to local community. For many tourists today it is a priority that their visit has a positive impact on the locals and the least harmful impact on the environment.

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