Chris Grad - Sep 4, 2022
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This summer, the Principality of Monaco has decided to change its policy of welcoming cruisers by barring the port to large units and opening its arms wide to small luxury units.

The quays of the port of Monaco are not likely to see the large cruise ships of more than 300 m in length disembarking 4,000 passengers anymore. Monaco has decided to give its preference to luxury or superior category ships of less than 250 m carrying no more than 1250 passengers.

It is also a hunt for the most polluting vessels which will no longer be able to frequent Monegasque waters. Advantage will be given to small vessels, making Monaco their head of the line in their Mediterranean circuit.

This encourages passengers to sleep on site to discover the Principality and consider returning later for a more traditional stay.

The activity of cruise hosting will be prohibited from mid-November to the end of March, that is to say nearly 5 months against two months (January and February) previously.

As much as to say that the number of cruises in Monaco should drop. This year 137 calls are expected, compared to 165 calls and nearly 200,000 cruise passengers in 2019.

The cruise industry brought in 20 million euros per year to the State coffers, not counting the spending of cruise passengers in shops, restaurants and casinos.

This new reception policy also has an ecological underpinning, as it will result in a significant reduction in pollution, with a 30% drop in gas emissions.

After Nice, which decided to restrict the reception of cruise ships considered polluters, restrictions are now in order for this activity, which is nevertheless starting up again.

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