Dan Rang - Apr 24, 2023
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For the resumption of cruise ship calls in Monaco in April, the Principality has now chosen to welcome only luxury cruise ships that are less than 250 m long and with a maximum capacity of 1,250 passengers.

This is the will of the Monaco Ports Operating Company, which has taken advantage of Covid's white period to review its policy for hosting cruise ships.

By limiting the size of the boats and the profile of the cruise passengers (luxury and premium categories) Monaco wants to receive clientele with higher purchasing power.

Finally, the cruise period has been limited from the beginning of April to mid-November. This policy, therefore, reduces the number of cruise passengers received in the Principality by a third. It also means a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in about the same proportions.

As of 2018, the Principality has banned the use of heavy fuel oil by ships and plans to carry out 100% of checks on the units received this year.

In short, Monaco is putting an end to hosting giant units (over 300 m) capable of transporting several thousand cruise passengers at a time.

Logically, the small size of the Principality means that it cannot absorb so many visitors at once, especially since cruise ships calling at neighboring French ports (Nice, Villefranche or Cannes) often include coach tours to Monaco.

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