Feb 19, 2021
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Monaco is the playground of the rich and famous, nestled on the French Riviera, and boasts a unique history.

Many know it as a tax haven, and a place for high rollers to enjoy the very best casinos in Europe. What few understand is that the casinos were there first, and the status as a tax haven only exists because of the revenue they produced. Even today, with the popularity of online casinos that allow playing for real money while being at home, people from all over the world arrive to Monaco looking for a wonderful live gambling experience.

Once upon a time, Monaco was a busy port known as the "Den of Thieves", and it would not have attracted the rich and famous from anywhere. In 1858, the Blanc Brothers opened a casino there, looking to replicate the success they enjoyed in Germany. Hello Monaco describes how it was a roaring success, and by 1869, the region stopped collecting income tax from its residents.

That means that a trip to the casinos in Monaco is far more than a lavish weekend at the tables; it is a dive into the area's history. At least, that is what you can tell yourself as you enjoy these four lavish and exciting facilities.

Casino de Monte Carlo

As the original casino of Monte Carlo, it has become synonymous with James Bond over the years. Its high, ornate ceilings and lavish décor host a range of tables games, such as baccarat, which immediately conjures up images of the famous spy. A feature by Gala Casino, explains how there are several versions of baccarat such as Chemin De Fer which was the original game played by Bond in Casino Royale. To appeal to a more modern audience, that was changed to Texas Hold ‘Em poker for the 2006 remake, another card game often found in top casinos. Interestingly, Casino Royale did not make use of the Casino de Monte Carlo during filming, but it was used in Never Say Never Again and GoldenEye, as well as another popular casino film, Ocean’s Twelve. With a rich history in media, and as a key part of Monaco’s culture, this is a must-visit if you want a traditional and high-class gaming experience. Remember to wear a tuxedo or party dress though!

Sun Casino

The Sun Casino is as far removed from the tuxedos and pomp of the Casino de Monte Carlo as it possibly can be. If you want to play games in shorts and sandals, you are most welcome to in this laid-back venue. Often, they have live DJs to help turn your night into an experience more akin to the sun, sea and sand holidays enjoyed by many over the years. Do not be fooled though, there is a wide selection of games, including table classics such as three card poker and blackjack.

Casino Café de Paris

If Casino de Monte Carlo is traditional and atmospheric, then the Casino Café de Paris is the new boy on the block, embodying a fresher, edgier vibe for the 21st century. It still has the range of games you would expect from such an establishment, but patrons may be surprised to find the building dates to 1854. If you choose not to play other table games inside, you can relax on the terrace and play slot machines in a relaxing environment. Also, tuxedos are not a necessity here, making it a relaxed option for the casual tourist.

Monte-Carlo Bay Casino

Monte Carlo Bay Casino is not a traditional casino as such. If you want table games, then you may be left disappointed, as there are none. Opened in 2006, it focuses solely on the slot machines experience, and has 150 machines, with electronic roulette too, for patrons to enjoy. It is part of a wider hotel complex but is still worth a visit to see a modern interpretation of Monaco’s classic gaming scene.

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