Justin N. Froyd - Feb 28, 2022
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The International Tour Guide Day, celebrated on Feb 21, is a date that seeks to improve the image of the profession and promote the use of local guides in tourist destinations. Tour guides have had to reinvent themselves over time to offer tourists memorable experiences on their vacations. Including games in their tours has become a popular trend in many destinations.

Experts point out that the inclusion of gamification techniques in tourist visits is a golden resource for tour guides, as it allows them to offer didactic and fun experiences, thus amplifying the impact on the tourist.

One of the best-gamified activities that is already being implemented on a large scale in the tourism sector is street escapes or outdoor escapes. These are live outdoor escape games in which a group of players must solve a challenge posed in a given time limit, deciphering enigmas, riddles and puzzles, using the streets of a town or city as the setting for the action.

Therefore, it is a perfect initiative for certain localities that want to boost tourism and attract visitors by giving them the opportunity to learn about their historical heritage while having a fun time. In addition, as these activities take place in the open, they comply with all the safety recommendations against the coronavirus.

Tourists are increasingly looking for something more when visiting new travel destinations and introducing playful elements into the visit makes the tourist's experience much more exciting and leaves the tourist with many meaningful memories, having experienced first-hand the history of the place they are visiting.

So, games such as outdoor escapes are specifically designed so that tourists can tour the most emblematic points of the place they are visiting in a fun and safe way. Going through such experiences, participants have exciting adventures where they, through fun, epic stories and unique challenges, have the chance to get to know certain places in a different way, while interacting with the environment.

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