Joe McClain - Jun 1, 2022
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A world cruise presents the perfect way of exploring new countries. The cruise acquaints individuals with vibes of faraway nations and fantastic views. What’s more, it allows you to disconnect from the world and create memorable experiences. With hundreds of cruise ships sailing worldwide, you may be spoilt for a choice for an incredible holiday. You may take world cruises from Southampton to anywhere you want, including the sunny Caribbean or the Mediterranean. Whatever your choice, booking a cruise can be exciting, but it can also be daunting. Many people considering a world cruise usually have numerous questions. They want to know whether the size of the ship matters, what they should pack, and the best time of the year to plan for the holiday. You will need to consider the factors outlined here to decide on the best cruise.


Destination is the most crucial factor when selecting your cruise. Initially, most cruises happened in the Caribbean. But with the increased number of vessels, several cruise lines sail worldwide. It would be best if you chose a cruise depending on your needs. Do you want to enjoy the tropical beaches and beautiful islands or prefer visiting the exotic cities in Europe? Or you probably want to enjoy dramatic sceneries only found in some countries? Remember, not all ships cruise to every destination. Some lines sail to particular areas more often than others. Knowing this will allow you to book a cruise ship that will offer an incredible holiday.


It would help to consider whether you are taking your family, including kids, on the cruise. Some cruise lines are more family-oriented than others. These ships offer family-friendly cruising with extensive playground areas, family pool areas, and other kid-friendly amenities. Larger ships are better for families due to the extra-large deck-top activities. Additionally, these lines have an extensive menu ideal for picky eaters.

Ports of Call

When looking at the ports of call, you must consider what you want from the itinerary. Ships sailing to the exact same location may have different itineraries. Some ships may have more sea days or several scenic places to visit than others. You need to check the ports you fancy and consider whether your cruise will dock at the ports and the number of days you will spend there.

Size of the Ship

Several variables come into play when thinking of ship size. Bigger and prestigious ships have extra amenities like rock climbing walls and wave pools. However, they also come with large crowds. So, if you are outgoing, you will enjoy the holiday since you will meet and interact with many people. Bigger ships also have unlimited entertainment options. But, this may not be ideal for someone who wants a personal experience. Smaller ships are more intimate and will offer a more personalized experience and services. Moreover, these ships sail to less-known areas and quiet ports. Plus, they provide lavish meals and exotic itineraries.


Finally, it would be best to consider the weather when choosing the perfect cruise. The destination and the time of the year you travel will determine the weather you will experience. Plus, the seasons also affect the destination’s weather. For instance, Scotland is not as hot and sunny as the Caribbean. Therefore, when planning your holiday, you need to pack suitable clothing. Furthermore, it would be best if you also prepared for the possibility of seasickness. If you are only available during certain times of the year, it will also influence the cruise you will book.


Choosing the perfect cruise can be exhausting, given the numerous variables involved. Many cruise lines are offering exciting excursions to different parts of the world. The guide will ensure you make the right choice and embark on a life-changing expedition.

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