Wayne M. Gore - May 8, 2022
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Spring and summer are synonymous with cruises arriving in the southern region of Argentina. Large companies offer trips to the coasts of Patagonia and Antarctica and the next cruise season in Argentina is expected to have an estimated 700 thousand tourists.

More than 350,000 passengers are expected at the Port of Buenos Aires, with at least a dozen cruise ships arriving for the first time. In addition, Ushuaia expects at least 250 thousand passengers, with 535 confirmed vessel dockings; while Puerto Madryn already has 41 dockings and 65 thousand estimated visitors with several ships arriving for the first time.

Thus, cruise tourism stakeholders estimate that almost 700 thousand tourists will arrive at the various federal ports of Argentina accounting for more than 600 dockings, during the next cruise season.

The Minister of Transportation, Alexis Guerrera, said that "we are coming from a cruise season that took place within the framework of a pandemic and, despite that, we had a positive recovery process in the federal ports thanks to the joint work with different areas of the State that managed to generate incentives and promote the arrival of more than 200 vessels".

"In this coming season, thanks to bonuses and support that generated certainty to the cruise tourism industry, we are normalizing the volumes to pre-pandemic levels and we expect an exponential growth of arrivals and to receive almost 700 thousand domestic and foreign tourists in our federal ports, which means a boost for the tourism sector, that is to say, more jobs, more opportunities and more development for the Argentine provinces," said Guerra.

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