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Argentina is characterized by an immense diversity of climates and incredible landscapes throughout the country. Local tourists and visitors from all over the world choose holiday in Argentina to enjoy adventure activities, thanks to the countless proposals offered to take advantage of any kind of activity related to adventure. In this context, Tourism Review introduces the ideal tourist spots to do sports activities and live an adventure of pure adrenaline.

The Valley of the Moon or Ischigualasto

The provincial park of San Juan, also known as the Valley of the Moon or Ischigualasto, is one of the most amazing places in Argentina and one of the local adventure destinations. The reason is not only its resemblance to the moon (desert environment and rock formations), but also because of the great number of excursions that can be made. Among the most outstanding, the 4×4 tour.

Los Glaciares National Park in Patagonia

A walk through the best glaciers in Argentina is a perfect getaway for those who love adventure. A walk through the Perito Moreno glacier or the Curva de los Suspiros, will be an experience nobody will ever forget.

The Sierras of Córdoba

In recent years, the mountains of Cordoba have become one of the most popular places for outdoor sports fans. From trekking, kayaking, mountain biking, climbing or canyoning, the sierras will surprise you with their variety of options and accessibility.

The Seven Lakes Route

Always in Patagonia, the Seven Lakes Route offers from beaches of crystal clear waters, trails, waterfalls and hills to options of a number of sports activities. For bicycle lovers, the slopes and options for the practice of this sport are endless. In recent years, the rental of electric bicycles offers an alternative for those who do not have great physical condition.

Iberá National Park

The Esteros del Iberá is a treasure to be discovered in all senses, forming one of the most challenging adventure tourism circuits in Argentina. It is one of the largest freshwater reserves in the world and offers several options to discover it. Among the most outstanding ones are the canoe rides, from where you can appreciate the great variety of birds, flora and local fauna.

Cacheuta, Mendoza

Cacheuta is also among the top adventure destinations. This area of the province of Mendoza offers activities for all tastes. Visiting the Cacheuta Hanging Bridge, rappelling or bathing in the Thermal Park are activities that can be combined with a visit to Luján de Cuyo or Potrerillos.


Salta has it all: rafting, trekking, horseback riding, mountain biking or mountaineering are some of the many options of the region, always with a magnificent landscape in the background and the rich local culture as a companion. Places like Cachi, Cafayate, Iruya or Guachipas are the most outstanding destinations.

Paraná River

The most important navigable river in Argentina is full of options for the most intrepid tourists, so the options for practising water sports proliferate. In the province of Entre Ríos, in addition to the Paraná, there is the beautiful Uruguay River as well as numerous rivers, streams and creeks. Canoeing, windsurfing, water skiing, kayaking, motor boating, sailing and even diving are some of the most interesting options.

Sierra del Tigre Natural Reserve

This natural reserve in Tandil is located very close to Buenos Aires, so it is a great option when you live in the big city. It is ideal for horseback riding, although you can also practice hiking, trekking, and bird watching the typical flora and fauna of the mountain range, in the heart of the Tandilia system.

San Javier Hill, Tucumán

It is an optimal setting for outdoor sports activities, including mountain biking, trekking, horseback riding, zip lines, paragliding and ATV rides. In recent years, paragliding has become one of the most popular options for travelers visiting this area which is among the best adrenaline destinations in Argentina.

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