Dan Rang - Jun 1, 2023
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No matter where you want to go, flying from German airports this summer is significantly more expensive than last year.

According to an analysis by the comparison portal Check24, flights from German airports to the 30 most popular destinations will cost an average of 17 percent more this summer than in 2022. Only flights to Las Vegas are slightly cheaper this year.

For example, flights to Bangkok have become more expensive by an average of 52.6 percent to 1,096 euros. Rome flights have also risen by 44.2 percent. Flights to Barcelona are 38.7 percent more expensive this year.

Experts explain the higher prices for flight tickets, the increased demand, and the airlines' higher operating costs. When looking for the cheapest flight, comparing connections on different dates and from different airports can help.

The desire to travel remains unbroken among Austrians

Despite high inflation, Austria's people still strongly desire to travel. An ÖAMTC survey found that 80% of respondents plan to travel at least once this summer. However, over a third of those surveyed adjusted their travel plans due to inflation. These adjustments include traveling during the off-season, choosing more affordable accommodations and destinations, or limiting travel to within Austria. Additionally, 9% of respondents have decided not to travel, while 13% are undecided. The most common reason cited for not traveling is personal financial constraints.

Based on a recent survey, half of the respondents intend to stick to their usual holiday budget, while young travelers under 30 plan to spend more this year. The average budget for the summer of 2023 is approximately 1,070 euros per person. Around 20% of those surveyed plan to spend more, while another 20% plan to spend less. Older travelers aged 60 and above plan to spend a higher-than-average budget of 1,300 euros per person, while families with children plan to spend less than the average at around €800 per person.

This summer, most people surveyed are interested in beach and sea destinations, while a quarter of respondents would like to visit a lake, mountain, or city. Italy is the top vacation spot, followed by Croatia and Germany. In addition, many travelers now consider sustainability when planning their trips, with over a third of respondents prioritizing sustainable options. This group prefers to travel by train or coach instead of plane or car and also considers sustainability when choosing accommodations and local activities. According to travel experts, attention to sustainability increases with age, and solo travelers are particularly conscious of making their vacations more sustainable. Additionally, 42 percent of respondents plan to vacation within Austria, with Styria and Carinthia being popular choices for domestic trips.

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