Ashley Nault - Sep 12, 2023
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According to data from Mabrian, the average price of flights globally has increased by 31.2% in the past two years. Specifically, conventional airlines are now 40% more expensive, while low-cost airlines have only increased by 6%. The study analyzed the average monthly prices of one-way flights (including taxes and fees) from July 1, 2021, when post-pandemic restrictions were still in place, until June 1, 2023. It examined operations from up to 157 countries and incoming direct flights to destinations.

The aviation industry has been hit hard by rising prices in recent years, which has resulted in increased costs and, ultimately, higher ticket prices for passengers. This flight prices increase is partly attributed to inflation, but the main factor is the significant rise in oil prices during different periods. Many companies, especially conventional ones, have had to adapt their operations due to the pandemic, contributing to the cost increase.

According to the latest data, as of June 2023, Qatar, Mali, Jordan, Panama, and Sudan are the top 5 most expensive countries to travel to by plane from any origin. On the other hand, Bolivia, Slovakia, Malaysia, Nepal, and Colombia are the cheapest destinations to travel to.

In terms of regions, Northern Europe, Southern Europe, the Mediterranean, and Asia have seen the highest increase in average flight prices. Except for Qatar, the Middle East has experienced a less significant rate rise than other regions. The increase in Qatar is due to the World Cup celebration.

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