Anna Luebke - Jun 6, 2023
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When traveling during times of inflation, it's essential to be mindful of your expenses. To assist you in finding affordable flight options, our guest has compiled five helpful tips to help you secure the best deals. Check out Tourism Review's four tips for reducing travel costs.

A VPN to buy airline tickets

When searching for airline tickets online, it can be tempting to book months in advance. However, if you regularly check for deals, prices may increase. To avoid this, consider using VPN software, which costs around two dollars a month. This allows you to browse the internet using different IP addresses, keeping your location hidden from websites. Booking platforms may charge higher prices during peak travel times, like holidays, but prices may stay the same if you repeatedly search for the same dates. You can use a VPN to enable the "incognito" option and protect yourself from these pricing schemes.

A stopover of more than 24 hours

This option may sound uninviting but it could allow you to plan other trips.

For example, instead of waiting three hours, you can wait two days or 24 hours and get another destination for the same price. Adding such an option, the Google Flights software allows you to plan multi-destination trips.

Landing in a different airport

A "ratty" trick, our guest admits. The idea is to choose a flight with a stopover to reach a direct destination... but skip the second flight.

However, this practice is not recommended by the airlines.

If I'm looking, the airfare in New York is too expensive. For example, a Washington ticket with a stopover in New York is much cheaper than a direct flight. That is not illegal.

Plan ahead

Sometimes the last minute is good. We often save money by looking at the cheapest dates.

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