Kevin Eagan - Mar 27, 2023
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E-cars have been very popular in recent years. Anyone who wants to keep their ecological footprint small on vacation can plan their trip with an e-car. This can be rented and the trip through Europe can start. If you're looking for sustainability on vacation, you can't go wrong with e-car travel. Here are the best destinations for travel with an electric car. Brought to you by Tourism Review.

Austria Is the Ideal Destination

Anyone planning a trip to Austria with an e-car need not worry about charging stations. The Alpine region impresses with its well-developed network of charging stations. There are opportunities to charge the car at numerous places. The charging stations are well distributed in the provinces. Basically, it can be assumed that one can be found every 30 kilometers.

If the vacation in Austria is planned in the wintertime, the cold should be considered. On cold winter days, the battery power of the e-car decreases more quickly. Accordingly, it must be charged more often.

Salzburg and Vienna not only offer numerous tourist attractions and attract vacationers every year. The two cities are ahead of the game in Austria when it comes to charging stations for e-cars. In the city of Mozart and in the Austrian capital, charging stations can also be found quickly in public places. The ÖAMTC has created an overview map to make planning a vacation in Austria easier.

Mallorca Has Rich Offer in Terms of E-cars

The Spanish island offers only a small spread, which is why it is ideal for a vacation with the e-car. Some destinations can be visited without recharging. However, there are slopes on Mallorca that should be taken into account when driving an e-car. These await visitors especially in the east of Mallorca and in the Tramuntana mountains. Due to the constant starting and braking, the power output of the car decreases more quickly.

Mallorca has caught up in terms of sustainability in recent years. The island has invested in numerous new charging stations so that tourists can also move around the island easily with an e-car. So-called fast chargers can be found here again and again, where the battery is charged up to 80 percent after just 30 minutes.

Palma is also already picking up steam in terms of e-cars. In the north, a charging station already offers supplies when it comes to charging the electric vehicle.

The Journey May Continue in France

In addition to Austria and Germany, France has also already set its sights on a good expansion of charging stations for e-cars. The French love of life can now also be experienced and felt with the environmentally friendly vehicle. The country has a lot to offer. In addition to Paris and Nice, the Côte d'Azur and Brittany are also on the itinerary of many tourists. Especially in the big cities, vacationers with an e-car need not worry. There are numerous charging options available here.

However, the long crossings in France are more difficult. These should be well-planned in any case. To find the charging stations, a look on the Internet is a good help for planning your vacation. There are also plenty of fast-charging stations in France. During a coffee, the car can be almost fully charged.

Driving to Norway by E-car

Norway is focusing more and more on sustainability and especially on e-car travel. Not only tourists are already cruising through the sprawling country in an electric vehicles. The locals are also giving sustainability a helping hand. So it's no wonder that Norway already has a well-developed network when it comes to charging stations for e-cars. The Scandinavian country already has more than 10,000 charging stations to offer. Most hotels already have charging facilities ready for their guests. This makes it easy to plan a relaxing vacation in Norway. The vast expanses of the country can be easily explored by e-car. In the meantime, however, stops should be planned in hotels so that the car has the possibility to charge.

Northern Italy Has a Special Charm

The land of amore is definitely worth a visit by e-car. The north of the country in particular has upgraded its charging stations in recent years. Green gasoline can also be purchased at restaurants and supermarkets in Italy. Those planning the trip from Rome to Milan need to have no fear of electricity. Because on this route, a new charging station can be expected every 60 kilometers or so. Those considering a trip south should plan carefully. Charging stations can be scarce here.

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