Laura Maudlin - Oct 11, 2021
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Being one of the most important and influential companies in the world, Google has realized that they are in a position to have a positive impact on society as a whole. And this is exactly what the company is doing with their recent green initiatives.

The most recent project dates to the beginning of October, when Google announced that they will be displaying an estimate of emissions for concrete flights searched on their platform. This is also the case of specific seats in the aircraft itself.

Moreover, users will be able to compare the results of the search and thus choose the most sustainable flight on the market for their trip.

It must also be noted that the estimate is by no means random, seeing as the company has the data available from the European Environmental Agency (EEA) as well as the individual airlines like Lufthansa or American Airlines.

Eco Badges and Routes

Furthermore, the company announced other green initiatives at the end of September.

For example, Google has added an “eco-badge” for accommodation facilities that have met certain sustainability standards based on independent observation.

Moreover, the specific sustainable measures of the accommodation facilities will be displayed in the “about” tab. Google is working with hotels, hostels and other facilities around the world to publish the newest and most relevant information.

Besides these eco badges, Google has also launched an initiative according to which its Maps will be able to identify eco routes that will guarantee a lower environmental impact in cases when there is more than one option for a trip.

In addition, the company is also expanding its information about bike-sharing to many important cities worldwide, including New York and Taipei.

Alliance with Travalyst and Special Team

It must also be noted that Google has started a partnership with Travalyst, a coalition that promotes sustainable tourism in the world, and which is led by Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex. Google thus joined, Skyscanner and many others.

In particular, Google will contribute to the coalition with a green initiative which they have also started individually and which we mentioned above - emission estimates in flight searches.

Finally, Google has created its own team of experts which will work exclusively on the topic of sustainable travel solutions with the company eager to become an important impact maker within society and bring new ideas and solutions for a more sustainable world.

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