Joe McClain - Apr 23, 2023
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One of the first things you have to sort out when traveling to a foreign country is the issue of connectivity. Without it, how are you going to make your reservations, chat with friends, and do just about anything we tend to associate with normal day-to-day functioning?

Don’t pick the lazy route of entrusting this aspect of your travels to data roaming, especially now that Europe travel eSIM is as accessible and easy to install as it is. Why would you subject yourself to potential coverage issues and unwelcome surprises on your phone bill when you could avoid it by simply getting an eSIM?

Below, we will give you 5 compelling reasons why people are turning away from the outdated solution that is data roaming and replacing it with an eSIM, a shiny, new, and more efficient technology on so many fronts:

No unexpected charges

Chances are you’ve heard your fair share of horror stories surrounding data roaming charges that can quickly get out of hand when you’re not looking. This is especially true nowadays when websites have gotten data-heavier than they used to be, meaning you’re going to spend more data on average per visit.

On the other hand, an eSIM functions like a prepaid plan, so you’re always in the clear about what you’re going to pay. Generally, it expires after either spending your data allowance or upon reaching the expiration date. Should you require more data to get you through your travels, you can top up your eSIM anytime.

Don’t get jump-scared by your data roaming bill. It’s not worth it.

Get the best deals by switching plans on demand

As it turns out, getting your eSIM up and running is simple and straightforward, virtually zero technical experience required. Not only does this eliminate the hassle of installing it, it also puts you right back in the driver’s seat, allowing you to snap up all the best deals by having the ability to switch your plan on demand.

In practice, different carriers give you different rates for different services. If you’re the type of user with a pronounced preference for, let’s say, social media or streaming, you could get a special package deal just for that. However, keep in mind that, for this to work, your phone needs to support dual SIM.

Cutting ties with the physical realm

Data roaming requires you to physically install a SIM card into your smartphone. Some say it’s not a big deal, while others are looking to eliminate as much hassle from their lives as possible, which includes having to poke around their smartphone’s intestines.

With an eSIM, not only is this kind of hassle effectively being taken out of the equation, but there’s also no waiting around for the SIM card to arrive in the mail. Since it’s entirely digital, you will never have to worry about damaging it or misplacing it either.

Many people are tired of the hassle that comes with messing around with their smartphone’s SIM compartment.

Flexibility with different plans

Depending on the destination you’re intending to visit and the duration of your trip, there are multiple eSIM prepaid plans to accommodate your needs. You can choose from 1GB, 3GB, 5GB and similar, with validity ranging from one week to a full month. Based on these parameters, you can custom-tailor the plan to the exact specifics of your trip, ensuring you’ll never pay more than you have to.

In addition, eSIM plans are fully transparent regarding the activation period; some activate immediately upon installing them while others check whether a certain predetermined condition has been fulfilled (such as connection to a network).

All around affordability

There are many things associated with “data roaming”, but affordability simply isn’t one of them. Even if you switch to the so-called “best network”, the charges can be sky high, and you could end up paying a fortune just for transferring a couple of megabytes. Worse yet, it’s the unpredictability of it all, and it’s easy to get slapped with hidden fees on top of it.

In contrast, eSIM plans focus on transparency and overall affordability, making them the complete opposite and quite unlike any hurdles that come with data roaming.


Being lazy about how you approach the issue of connectivity while abroad could end up costing you a small fortune. Technically, data roaming doesn’t require you to do a thing, but that’s just about the only advantage there is to it compared to getting an eSIM. Not only is it quick and hassle-free to install, you’ll also reduce your international connectivity costs dramatically while kissing goodbye to unwanted surprises on your phone bill.

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